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On my back porch, sitting with my dogs, watching some spring training baseball and poppin' another brewski!

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February 17, 2008

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April 18, 2014

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ish1618 avatar ish1618

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 23, 2008

thank you very much for the greeting!

ChibiYaoiOtaku avatar ChibiYaoiOtaku


Apr 22, 2008

its good to hear that ur better again. as for me, my hayfever is still active so i might as well prepare for another few months of sneezing. lol.  its sounds like u had a fun weekend, sorry to hear about the after effects though.

also, dont worry about the shin chan eps but thank you for trying. ill probably just wait for the dvds to come out. funimation has just released to 1st season as a boxset so i might buy that.

well, speak to u soon and have fun at work! 

bvincent avatar bvincent


Apr 22, 2008

ooooo ..... ive done that before. oh its 2 am maybe i should just stay up and its alright until midday and then its like , oh god i feel bad and i cant goto sleep as i wont goto sleep tonight. and with your illness i can only imagine it being worse.

 watched Fullmetal Panic , the characters are so cativating which is good because the story is very shallow indeed , i still gave it 4 stars for the awesome characters. The series is very funny and im now looking forward very much to watching the comical spin off its going to be awesome. Can i say kurz weber is one of the best comic relief characters ever imo : ) and its ed from fma

i hope work isnt too much  for ya , remeber its only work do it but dont make yourselfe more ill mate ;)

 talk to ya soon

Animedreamer240 avatar Animedreamer240


Apr 21, 2008

Hey! I'm pretty busy too. :<

But..!!  Rose of Versailles is AMAZING!!!  You will LOVE it!  I like it 100x more than Le Chevalier D'EON!  <3  I made Versailles my #4 top favorite.  I encourage you to see this before Terra..this is too awesome.. >< 

OverLord01 avatar OverLord01

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 21, 2008

Thankyou for the b-day greetings! Oh and I added you to my freinds list, I totally forgot to do so so forgive me for not doing it sooner my Brother! 

I also read your profile and I must say it is really good and I like the stuff you got from ANN its a good description of you! :) Also good bands you have too. I would kill well sorta kill to get to see the family values tour! That show was great and I would have loved to be there the last time they were in Dallas.

Good profile my freind. You stay cool.


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