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Animedreamer240 Jun 4, 2008

Hey Al, it's great to hear from you!  No worries about not responding quickly.  You have no idea how many messages I have neglected and forgot about. :<  I hope things are going well and that your anime life picks back up when you have more free time!

Yep classes are over for me!  I'm on summer vacation now.  I decided not to take summer classes b/c I felt burned out.  I started it off by going to the Anime Convention, meeting a few of my fav voice actors.  I'm still going pretty steadfast with anime, having finished a couple series after the con.  Right now I'm really watching about 8 at a time and experimenting with a few others.

The only thing constructive I plan to do is learn to drive.  It's about that time. D:  My mom's making me take the test this week so I can get my permit.

ChibiYaoiOtaku Jun 3, 2008

thanks, i need all the luck i can get, heh heh...

I was actualyl pretty surprised with Kurenai, it was a lot better than i expected. But what really surprised me was how good Yugioh 5D was.

So what animes are you going to watch this season? 

ChibiYaoiOtaku Jun 2, 2008

Moshi Moshu! How have you been recently?

Migandas May 18, 2008

Thanks! You are the first to congratulate me... Haha... Take a piece of cake...

Question: How to post a picture in comments?<(^_^)>


Animedreamer240 May 9, 2008

Thanks to you, you have really opened the doors for me.  I won't be so hesitant to watch anime like Moribito anymore.  I need a good adventure and a bit of fantasy once in a while!! ^_~ I've been watching waaaay too many realistic, serious dramas... Moribito was refreshing and a nice change, once I finally got pulled into it about midway. =)