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ChibiYaoiOtaku Jun 8, 2008

Kaiba is an excellent series and definite proof that Japan produces some of the best shows in the world. I would compare kaiba to the beautiiful Mushishi, small, stand-alone adventures that are loosely connected. Even though kaiba starts off very slow and boring, it unfolds into a brilliant anime. The episodes just keep getting better and better and episodes 5 and 6 are some of the best episodes in any anime ever (one of the others is ep 6 of shigofumi). Dont be put off by the animation style in Kaiba, watch it and you will love it.

 Now that ive finished describing how much i love Kaiba, i agree with what you said about Macross. Frontier is pretty much its own story and it only gives a passing reference to the old macross series but without alienating the new viewers (the only other macross series ive seen in Macross Plus). I wish i was old enough to remember Robotech.

I was going to watch Persona but then i found out it was based on a video game and i generally dont like any animes based on a video game (though i did love Ef~ a tale of memories). 

ChibiYaoiOtaku Jun 8, 2008

Ive watched the first episode of Kanokon and i was prejudice against it by assuming that because is such a fanservice anime, it must be crap. that and i only wanted to watch one fox-goddes based anime this season so i chose Oinari-sama.

Do u get confused about macross? the whole thing about all the macross movies and animes, the different licensors, super dimension fortress and robotech realyl confuse me.  

ChibiYaoiOtaku Jun 8, 2008

I watched the first ep of Kanokon but i was prejudice against it and classed it as a typical fanservice show that has little substance. that and i only wanted to watch one fox-goddess based anime this season so i chose Oinari-sama because that is a lot better than kanokon. I plan to watch Kanokon just as soon as ive got more time. 

Alsom do u get confused about macross? i dont even know what the first macross anime /movie is. 

ChibiYaoiOtaku Jun 5, 2008

You have a great taste in anime ( i never finished to terra and i dodnt want to continue to love ru).

Erm...heres the extreamly long list of all the anime im watching at the moment:

Kyouran nikki, amatsuki, macross frontier, wagaya no oinari sama, kamen no maid guy, allison & lillia, kaiba, mensou no musume, zenryoku usagi, chi's sweet home, soul eater, junjo romantica, itazura na kiss, nabari no ou, real drive, himitsu, kurenai, zettai karen children, libary wars, yugioh 5d, shugo chara, keroro gunso, bleach d.gray man, naruto shippudun, gintama, code geass r2, urusei yatsura and Hare + guu.


Animedreamer240 Jun 4, 2008

Wow, so far, I haven't heard of anyone who passed the permit exam the first time! xD  My parents gave me a whole week to read my drivers handbook, and I have only read a couple pages so far.  If I fail the first time, which looks like what's going to happen, I wouldn't care, but my parents would just keep pushing meeeeeeeee. D: -runs away!!-

Definitely take care of the things you have to take care of first. Then anime comes second.  :D ....I should reaaaally listen to myself sometimes.. -.-!  Also I have to know, what was your impression of Ghost in the Shell Complex?  I avoided it for years, but I've been looking up anime aimed towards older male adults--strangely they fit my preferences, and Ghost in the Shell popped up. The first episode confused me. xD