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Animedreamer240 Jul 11, 2008

Hey, how are you doing!! =) Haven't talked to ya after I "finally" got my permit.  What's up?

ChibiYaoiOtaku Jun 19, 2008

Grr...i typed a really long response but then the server on AP when ka-put. 

Heh heh, it seems like the britsh are invading (again). From what ive heard,  there have been a lot of british people recently so the people here are already used to britsh people and their comedic accents, lol.

 also,I love LA, there are sooo many shops and its all soo cheap because of the fabulour exchange rate! Ive already spent $1100 in the 3 days ive spent here so far. Ive bought a new laptop (toshiba, 4gb ram, 320gb HDD, built in webcam for $800 in best buy, i couldnt wait to use it so thats why im using it even though im on holiday), a couple of anime boxsets (Fantastic children, witch hunter robin for $40 each in Best Buy) and some video games (in best buy aswell. i really love best buy). Thank god for the multi-region DVD player at home. really going to miss late night shopping, drive-throughs and mountain dew...


ChibiYaoiOtaku Jun 19, 2008

thanks,although a 12 hour flight in economy class can really tire a person out. Also, Los Angelese is amazing (though that view is pretty much based on my view on all the shops i went to and that some of them were selling anime boxsets for $40).

Animedreamer240 Jun 12, 2008

Wow, you and Chibi make Kaiba sound pretty darn good.. I'll reconsider watching that one. o.o

Animedreamer240 Jun 12, 2008

Thanks!  I'll definitely tell you my impressions of GITS when I get more into it.  I put it on-hold yet again!  I'm bouncing around anime at the moment, trying to get a feel of what I really wanna watch right now.

Recently, I watched the movie Tekkon Kinkreet, and I absolutely loved it.  I totally recommend it if you haven't seen it yet!!  I've been listening to the soundtrack from it all day long!!  Then I looked up The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and it destroyed my anime bliss.  And today I finally decided to ignore all the bad reviews Allison & Lilla got and see it for myself.  It makes me happy to FINALLY see another Last Exile type series, you know? =)

Haven't taken my permit exam yet.  I have to wait for my new SS card to come in the mail. -sweat drop!-