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Animedreamer240 says...

I suppose I should briefly explain why I liked Mendoza so much.  He's a spanish navigator, saved the main child character Esteban when he was a baby, and is the driving force for finding the Mysterious Cities of Gold.  He's acts like a leader, very intelligent and cunning..always has a strategy..even feels like a father figure.. But the best part about him is that u never know what his true intentions are.  Is he good or bad?  Mendoza is pretty much the star of the show for me. =] Plus he has the best cape ever.

Feb 20, 2010
Animedreamer240 says...

Everything is going well for me.  I just went to my brother's for a bit during x-mas break. Pretty much an anime fest it was!!  Sounds like yours went well!

I started Tegami Bachi recently and I'm trying to catch up to where it is. xD  I have to say, it surprised me.  We've got quite an interesting, mysterious anime here.  And like you, I need to catch up on Darker Than Black!  I'm still on season 1!

Oh, you're watching Durarara as well??  It's fantastic. x3 I just watched epi 7 and it was awesum as always.

Yep I love old stuff now!  Hmm what did I like about the Mysterious Cities of Gold?  Just about everything.  The characters are great, especially Mendoza who is a rarity in anime these days... Each episode has a purpose and they're all well-paced, lots of action, and the soundtrack (comprised mostly of melodic synthesizers that sound futuristic) is actually pretty good.  The anime surprised me with a lot of science fiction elements as well.  Towards the end, the anime felt..nostalgic.  It just has a certain atmosphere to it, with the soundtrack and the vintage of the anime contributing to it.  It's a gem.  I think I saw someone say it's on Hulu, but I watched the epis from cartoon-world.

My yahoo is [email protected]  I hardly use it, but I'll go on it to talk to you!  I am mostly a Skype person. =P Gyaaah addicting Skype.... But..we have so much to catch up on!  Can't wait to have our long overdue convo.

Feb 20, 2010
Animedreamer240 says...

Hey Al, how're ya doin!! =]  How is the new year going for you so far?

I really like Durarara, it's the main thing I'm tuning into this season.

Have u ever watched Mysterious Cities of Gold? I just completed it tonight and I fell in love with it.  It's in my top 5 now. ^_~

Feb 16, 2010
Animedreamer240 says...

Allooooooooo...!  I guess I should get twitter then to chat with u.  XD I wish u had skype tho. D:

Dec 20, 2009
Animedreamer240 says...

Awww haha, hey Al!!  Sorry, I haven't been active here...that much at all....  =[ I need to update my lists.  Unfortunately I dun go on Twitter.  Do you have an IM service yet? Like AIM, MSN, Skype, or Yahoo?  I really miss talking to u about Anime though, we had quite a few in common!

Nov 18, 2009