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rockenroll4life Mar 30, 2008


Hey thanks for stopping by and messaging me. ^_^

It depends on your taste in anime whether or not to watch Clannad. I personally prefer to watch Romantic Comedy's more then any other genre, so for me Clannad fit in perfectly. A lot of the reason why I enjoyed Clannad so much was because of the character and story development. Theres nothing I hate more then when one of those is missing. Though for the most part if you enjoyed most of the anime that was recommended against it like (Air, Kanon/Kanon '06, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, etc.) then I'm pretty sure you'll love it.

I'll definitely check it out. Since a lot of the anime that I am watching is starting to end or just ended I am quickly running out of anime that I am watching. So I'm more than open to recommendations.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!


Animedreamer240 Mar 29, 2008

Hey there! =) I think we have a pretty HIGH anime compatibility. I'm more than happy that you have Last Exile as your number 2, and by looking at the rest of your favs, I see you've got Le Chevalier D'EON there. I just added that to my top 5, but I could really put other anime titles in my 5th spot. It's a bit unstable there.

As the site went back a month, I lost 20 friends (most of whom I didn't even know) along with a lot of comments. But thankfully I only lost 4 recommendations. So going back a month didn't impact me has hard as others.

wolfangel87 Mar 26, 2008

Of course you can add me!!!!!  *happy, happy*

sothis Mar 26, 2008

Hmm *squints eyes* did we chat in the forum or chat or something? The name is familiar @_@

Anyways, welcome a month late :p

wolfangel87 Mar 26, 2008

Totally awesome!!!!  Thanks for the comment, I love talking to new people!  ^_^

I loved your profile too, very interesting!  We have a lot of the same tastes, especially in music!