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On my back porch, sitting with my dogs, watching some spring training baseball and poppin' another brewski!

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wolfangel87 avatar wolfangel87


Apr 2, 2008

Well I am doing pretty good.  Once again back into the swing of school/study mode so not that much time for anime watching!  :(  What series did you finish?

Animedreamer240 avatar Animedreamer240


Mar 30, 2008

Yay! =) 

I finished D'EON today.  I'm still pretty confused, but now I feel okay to research because I don't have to worry about spoilers.  I see you're just halfway through, so I'll discuss this anime with you when you get a bit further. I don't want to give you a spoiler by accident, that's for sure!  But I can tell you that I was pretty satisfied with D'EON overall---it has a plot so deep that I couldn't even wrap my head around it.  xD

I am downloading Guardian of the Sacred Spirit as we speak! I should have all the episodes by late tomorrow.  I watch anime mainly when I ride my exercise bike now.  Watching about three episodes every time really helps me get through the work out.  I'll keep you updated on how I feel about the series as I watch it.

Aw okay, don't worry about IM then. =) It would be cool if we could chat on there though!  There are several IM services---I mainly use MSN and AIM, and as backup, Yahoo. xD

Animedreamer240 avatar Animedreamer240


Mar 30, 2008

Oh, and before I forget, I have an anime recommendation for you. I don't recall if I mentioned this before---have you ever heard of Toward the Terra? I'm talking about the series, not the movie.  I consider it to be very epic and entertaining. The beginning didn't lure me in, but I was determined to watch it anyway, and i was in for a treat. Somehow it reminded me of Fantastic Children. Maybe that's because they're both epic in a similar way. (ex: traveling to other worlds, jumping through time periods, in search of homeland, supernatural powers, etc)

Animedreamer240 avatar Animedreamer240


Mar 30, 2008

Hey, I don't mind. =) The people I befriended have shown me that they're either very friendly, have similar tastes to my own, or can entertain me with a good conversation. You have all three of those.

Do you ever go to the Forums much? It's thanks to the Forums that I met most of them. Others randomly drop by!

Regarding the anime you just recommended me, I only caught a glimpse of it at an Anime Convention last year. I saw about 2 episodes and didn't feel a great interest to continue, but since this recommendation came from you, I'll revisit this series! I'm in the adventure mood anyway, so maybe this is the perfect timing to watch it. I'll finish up D'EON today, but there are some things I'm uncomfortably confused about in the series. Were you confused too? If you have an IM messenger of some sort, we could talk about some stuff without worrying about spoiling it for others around here. xD

rockenroll4life avatar rockenroll4life


Mar 30, 2008


Hey thanks for stopping by and messaging me. ^_^

It depends on your taste in anime whether or not to watch Clannad. I personally prefer to watch Romantic Comedy's more then any other genre, so for me Clannad fit in perfectly. A lot of the reason why I enjoyed Clannad so much was because of the character and story development. Theres nothing I hate more then when one of those is missing. Though for the most part if you enjoyed most of the anime that was recommended against it like (Air, Kanon/Kanon '06, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, etc.) then I'm pretty sure you'll love it.

I'll definitely check it out. Since a lot of the anime that I am watching is starting to end or just ended I am quickly running out of anime that I am watching. So I'm more than open to recommendations.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!


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