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OverLord01 Apr 21, 2008

Thankyou for the b-day greetings! Oh and I added you to my freinds list, I totally forgot to do so so forgive me for not doing it sooner my Brother! 

I also read your profile and I must say it is really good and I like the stuff you got from ANN its a good description of you! :) Also good bands you have too. I would kill well sorta kill to get to see the family values tour! That show was great and I would have loved to be there the last time they were in Dallas.

Good profile my freind. You stay cool.


bvincent Apr 20, 2008

my computer died :( luckily i have some money left around and ive bought a computer which is probably 10x better than the dead one , the old one was 128mb ram , 40gb hardrive and windows 2000 lol.

Now its 2gb ram, 250gb hardrive, windows XP and vista disc if i want it. also a 512mb nvidia graphics card lol all for £160 BARGAIN!!!

anyways so ive finally got fullmetal panic season 1 in the post yesterday , hoping to start watching it by tommorow.

 so howz your weekend been so far? 

ChibiYaoiOtaku Apr 18, 2008

Wel, its good that ur better. I think i might be getting a cold now aswell. Either that or it might be hay-fever. Also, i recognised the ren and stimpy reference from ur avatar. I wonder why nickolodeon cancelled ren and stimpy. its much better than most of the crap nickolodeon release today.

Its log, log, its big, its heavy, its wood! its log, log, its better than bad its good! 

Animedreamer240 Apr 17, 2008

Hey, let me know what you think of D'EON after you finish it!  And I'm glad to hear that you ARE indeed getting better. =)  It's just unfortunate that your very own vacation was used up healing in bed and eating soup. :<

I took Calculus II with the intentions of pursuing Computer Science, but after Physics threw me completely off, I wanted to change majors. So in a way I'm wasting my time with Calc II now, but it's too late to withdraw from the course.

Btw, I am beginning to enjoy the Rose of Versailles MUCH more than D'EON.  I just put it in my 5th spot under my favorites!!  I'm almost tempted to convince you to watch Rose before Toward the Terra!  Rose has that strong, woman warrior that you like. ^_~ 

ChibiYaoiOtaku Apr 17, 2008

N'cha! Great to see a Ren and Stimpy fan!

Also, sorry to hear about ur cold.