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On my back porch, sitting with my dogs, watching some spring training baseball and poppin' another brewski!

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CeZaS93 avatar CeZaS93


Dec 4, 2012

Happy birthday =^.^=

Minai99 avatar Minai99

Tell Me About Yourself!

Oct 10, 2012


Thanks for the detailed response. :) It's welcoming conversation like that that keeps me coming back to ap.com. I only remember ren and stimpy from when I was a kid, and I remember thinking (in kid terms) "This is the most fucked up show ever". I never actually knew about The Goddamn George Liquor Program, maybe I'm a bit too young for it. That's pretty nice that you have anime friends who are local to you. I do have one or two friends who like watching anime, but they are definitely not as interested in it as I am. Heck, I even got my father to watch a few shows with me (yeah still living at home, stupid college loans >.>), and better yet, enjoy them! :D That said, for the most part, there aren't too many people who I know that are into anime any deeper than bleach, naruto, one piece, fma, dbz, so ap.com has definitely become one of a few online places I use to talk with people who have a similar level of interest in anime to me. 

You're a writer?! Professionally? :o How is that for you?!

And Toonami! How'd I know? :D Thank goodness it is back on, and you are damned right that it is nice to watch it on the big tv, with beer and chips FOR SURE, and enjoy the awesome Toonami packaging that goes along with the anime. I've fallen a bit behind on the shows due to having to go into work at midnight a few successive weeks in a row, but I'm trying to get back into it again. Did you know it's 6 hours long now? Tbh, I'm not a *huge* fan of the lineup they have, but I plan to stick with it as long as possible. It kinda pisses me off when I hear about people who won't watch it because it doesn't have one particular show on it, ya know?

Lastly, if you are serious about Toonami, I definitely recommend checking out this podcast:


It's pretty long, but it features jason demarco, one of the head Toonami execs, and in it he gives his raw opinions on a lot of toonami-related things. 

Minai99 avatar Minai99


Oct 10, 2012

1) I hate ren and stimpy!! :p

2) Do you actually try and reach out to people on ap.com? To be honest, I don't really use the website much anymore, for personal reasons, cause my life got really busy, but when I was using it more often, I always thought of the blogs as a way to convey things in general to the friends one makes on ap.com rather than as something that I expected a lot of random people who don't know me to use. 

3) are you watching toonami, by chance? I noticed you're about where toonami is in terms of casshern sins. 

Animedreamer240 avatar Animedreamer240


Feb 20, 2010

I suppose I should briefly explain why I liked Mendoza so much.  He's a spanish navigator, saved the main child character Esteban when he was a baby, and is the driving force for finding the Mysterious Cities of Gold.  He's acts like a leader, very intelligent and cunning..always has a strategy..even feels like a father figure.. But the best part about him is that u never know what his true intentions are.  Is he good or bad?  Mendoza is pretty much the star of the show for me. =] Plus he has the best cape ever.

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