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newjo Jan 12, 2009

The manga's ending of FB is really good. =)

KokonoeRin Jan 11, 2009

I don't have aim soz. Yep but take into account we haven't seen Sasuke's real power at the moment so if he plans to kill his brother he could even kill orochimaru when he tries to get sasuke's body. I don't know... I think there aren't many chapters left till we discover what happens with orochimaru coz he's planning to get sasuke's body now, isn't he? I don't think we succeeds and that's all. I think this saga is cooler than the kakuzu-hidan saga. What's ur fav saga of all the naruto & naruto shippuden saga? I really liked the chuunin exams

newjo Jan 10, 2009


Fruits Basket is good, especially the manga's ending. =)

KokonoeRin Jan 10, 2009

yeah, lol. U're right. I think we will not see Sasuke's real thoughts about Naruto and returning to Konoha until he kills Itachi and his vengance is completed. But.. imagine that is Naruto who kills Itachi because he has to fight against him coz Akatsuki (Itachi and the fish man, never remember his name) go to Konoha first. Then wouldn't Sasuke start hating Naruto for having ruined his plan of vengance? Btw, I feel like if I was spaming ur profile. Would u like talking by msn? [email protected], add me if u want. ja ne!

KokonoeRin Jan 9, 2009

really? I've ended hating sasuke because it makes Naruto look like an obsessed guy. And what if he doesn't succeed in making him come back and it happens the same with jiraiya and orochimaru.. that would be sad and i would feel like if I had seen hundreds of episodes for nothing.. i would be really disappointed, wouldn't u?