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I take screenshots from almost every episode I watch. It's hilarous to look trough them all later :D

When not watching anime I work at a bank, playing in the snow or banging on my piano. What you seldom will find me doing is giving water to my plants, eat breakfast or sing.

Anime top 6-10:

6. Ouran High School Club

7. Azumanga Daioh

8. Mushishi

9. Peacemaker Kurogane

10. Aishiteru ze Baby

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kooltilldend says...

Ok I swear last post...I only stayed because I thought my computer died on yeah this post is a bonus :P

I've had my job since last year so yeah its been a while...(I ofcourse start now though since i've just graduated)...Kinda lucky I got it last year since the economy at the moment is finding one this year might've been hard!

Also I'm jealous you are eating icecream! haha...Oh well I'll eat mine when I get up :P

Good Night! (or well Good Day in your case ^^)

Take Care!

Dec 20, 2008
kooltilldend says...

lol you caught me just as i was leaving the i'll make this the last post for now instead :P

its about 7am here...yeah its late to be sleeping (people get up at this time! haha) but hey i just graduated from univ (bachelor's) yesterday so surely i can have a break ^^

i'll def. catch you online again someday....nice talking to you!

p.s. don't get too thin at the gym! haha jk

edit: now i have to edit my reply too since you edited yours lol...I already got a job...start that from January...thanks for your wishes nonetheless :)

Dec 20, 2008
kooltilldend says...

lol!! that link's funny :P

i do get a fair bit of outside play into my daily schedule...what with going to uni n all...soon it'll be work instead of uni (graduated y'day)...let's see if my anime watching can keep up with that!

till now although i never drop any series (only thing i've dropped is gundam which too i only d/l'ed 1 episode to see what all the fuss was about - still don't get why lol)...i tend to "skim" through those series that i don't a way its like dropping except that it ensures i get to watch any "potentially" good scenes that i might miss otherwise - doesn't take that much time either ;)

and with that comment i'll take my leave for the day...its already morning and i'm nowhere near sleeping haha

once again, nice meeting you and your top five rocks! (and from what I've figured till do you ^^)

Dec 20, 2008
kooltilldend says...

most certainly will!...infact i already have it d/l'ed (among with some 50 others lol)...i'll put it on the top of the pile though since I haven't watched something very good for quite a while (ever since Nana really which was like a month back - although School Rumble is pretty good too - saw that few weeks back)

Dec 20, 2008
kooltilldend says...

most certainly!...if anything i will watch your list to get more recommendations for myself ^^

Dec 20, 2008