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I take screenshots from almost every episode I watch. It's hilarous to look trough them all later :D

When not watching anime I work at a bank, playing in the snow or banging on my piano. What you seldom will find me doing is giving water to my plants, eat breakfast or sing.

Anime top 6-10:

6. Ouran High School Club

7. Azumanga Daioh

8. Mushishi

9. Peacemaker Kurogane

10. Aishiteru ze Baby

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kooltilldend Dec 21, 2008

Well the story is extremely simple so that might be it

Moreover, there's a bit of repetition (especially near the start)...but if you find the jokes funny then keep up with the gets much better later on imo

Have fun!

kooltilldend Dec 21, 2008


Just saw your comments and deleted the email one as soon as I added you...not sure when you posted it so sorry if someone caught it in the mean time (although tbh not many people visit my profile haha)

Yeah its a pretty big move for me...although I guess the bigger one was 3 yrs ago when I came to USA all the way from Thailand (before that I went to Thailand from India - yeah I've travelled a lot - I'll tell you the details if/when I catch you on msn)

However, since I start my first job in about 2 weeks...I'm definitely excited...not really sure what to expect so I guess we'll find out then :)

And yeah, there is def. some error with the comment function...that's what I was talking about earlier - I had to resend comments like 3 times once...what I learned is that before you send the comment, make sure you copy the text...that way you don't have to re-type everything!

kooltilldend Dec 21, 2008

A very good morning to you too!

Indeed there should be some manner to see what recommendations a person has left...I'm not sure which ones I've left myself haha

I've got a plane to catch in 2 days (moving permanently to New York to start my new job) I might not catch you for a few days...I'll def. respond as soon as I'm settled down and have a place to stay!

On a different note, check out Lovely Complex if you haven't already...its a very good romance anime (which is just as funny too imo)

kooltilldend Dec 20, 2008

see i did go to sleep afterall haha :P

also its not that the recommendations aren't showing (can you see them?)...its that my comments to you keep getting blocked dueto some format error

but yeah, I love how well organized this site is...really makes searching for anime very easy!

kooltilldend Dec 20, 2008

Well I keep trying to sleep but this site won't lemme publish my comments properly and so I have resend them each annoying ><

I swear I'm going now even though it probably just sounds like an excuse lol