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In my free time when I'm not fighting for Khorne, stealing gene-seed, looting Imperium worlds while spilling as much blood as possible and fighing other Chaos forces that don't rever Khorne, I enjoy reading comedy mangas which may contain anything else as long as it's interesting. Actually, doesn't even need to be a comedy, as long as I don't need to get my power suit on, bolt pistol in one and chainaxe in another hand and get out to fulfil a blood quota because of boring read.

Before joining World Eaters and Khorne Berzerkers, I was student of Computer Engineering which spent most of his time playing games (Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, World of Tanks), sports (usually running since I found it really enjoyable) or reading manga. A lot of it. Per day. Can't make myself start any anime but on the rare occasions I do, I watch, if not all seasons then at least one from a get-go. Sleeping is a huge drawback for me since I usually sleep (lie around) for 10plus (up to 18, EDIT: 22) hours a day. From time to time I get out of bed at first try and that day is a good day. Usually. Stopped being lazy bastard, time to fill my anime/manga quota. ;]

All those 5s in anime ratings are there because I gave everything a 5 when I started with anime. And I'm too lazy to change anything there. Now I don't watch anime almost at all. But I still give almost every manga a 5, as long as I didn't have an urge to demolish something during or after reading it.

TL;DR I'm entertained way to easily. :]

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DNangel5613 May 16, 2013

ohh yeah, there was an exam when i got into college XD same applies in here too :D but i thought that was just some quiz or some evaluation or sth i didnt really prepared for it and i was surprised there was like that also, it didn't bothered me enrolling in that school coz whether you answered high or wrong it doesnt really matter its a test on how good you are.. though i was rated 5/10 (the questions where so hard >.<) and they said that next time better keep it up and then i was accepted. and yea, you can make it easier when you have connections or we call it "backers"/back up :D

i see, it would be nice and also it makes you feel refreshed after breathing some fresh air or sth to relax a bit and to relieve stress while sitting besides it :D though im not sure if i can sit and beside a river/sea coz i get excited to jump in the water especially when there is a diving board or sth XD

don't worry if that is a long comment coz this comment will be long too XD

i think dante has a dual blade sword in DMC 3 i dont know what part would he acquire it and to be exact a dual machete he looks bad ass in that weapon :D

do you also plant fruits ? like what ? the same question with the vegetables and such :) maybe you like working out your body ?

yup, not in the old version of essences which you loot the specifically essence that belongs to that suffix.. its a hassle :/ BTW 60 cap has been realesed :D and im on a tough leveling grind for all the character T_T  also the exp acquired i so little even if you have guild set, guild bonus, and combined skills still 7-8% exp including board quest :/ thought the run time is pretty fast just like FIC and also the fastest run time would be 1:30mins max run time would be 2:30mins and up.

like it or not people die :/ so you gotta live your life to the fullest.. and yea, i respected them alot for making such beautiful harem anime i salute them.

so rasputin was corrupted with power ? and some shitty people got jealous and killed him and made his reputation go bad ? also i have been seeing/reading some comments of this CHUCK NORRIS thingy i dont understand who is he ?

for some reason i saw myself in his situation and somehow i relate myself of him.

my google themes is from DN the one from GMadriano's DNSEA blog (this was the reason why it took my comment to complete i cant upload my theme and finally i remembered i got the picture from the GM of DNSEA) 3rd picture

there are some cute and awesome, cool photos in there might as well for you to look at :D

i was having fun while writing that comment and didn't notice that the comment was too long and i think mine would be longer :p

i think there was a blond guy there who was a really badass and looks cool dont know the name though :/

P.S. awesome signature there XD 

DNangel5613 May 4, 2013

good luck with your exams :D is it for the entrance exams in college ?

well, you gotta train hard if your joining the army and also is being near a river and sea advantagious ? for me it might be nice for relaxing but for training all i can think of it is the sea where i you can pull the tire attached in your body for strength and stamina and as for the river i cant think of any.

yes, played DMC 3 it has awesome combos and has a meter bar for how long your combo before it streaks also DMC has an anime just saying if you want to like watching  it :)

you have a wineyard ? that's cool :D

in DNSEA the lastest patch made the dungeon essence into 1 type only but differs in rarity in the previous essences there are sophia's etc. and have different colors like red/violet/blue/yellow and also there are two types of essences the one from the colliseum and the other is in the dungeons.

oh.. so that's what you meant i was confused by that line lol :p and yea as you said the screen wont move because you have been immobilized/paralized.

ahh.. i see so he doesnt know what the next chapter would be :D i see, does some of his works get animated ? yep i wanted to watch it and only a part of episode 1 is what i watched damn too little time for every episode which consist an hour of watching as if it is like a movie im not complaining about it, i just cant find some spare time to watch it (too many animes to watch :D) and yea i heard the author of MM! died i dont know what is the cause :/ its so sad that an author of such an amazing anime died i was waiting for a season 2 of it :/ and also the author of zero no tsukaima died this year he was struggling for 2 years in cancer he was writing the last chapter of zero no tsukaima that time.. such determination he finished the last chapter cant believe he's dead to so many amazing authors died :/

i watched Yu-Gi-Oh and i cant complain about "to be continued" same also with detective conan (if you have watched it) and SAO :/ after the last episode of SAO i was like "man it feels like i just watched episode 1 yesterday and like finished it today" they say time flies like an arrow :D

is rasputin a hero ? or the queens loyal guard or sth ? and i cant believe he was alive when he had all those injuries before thrown into a river, strong willed man :/

P.S. what do you think of hikigaya hatchiman's ideology ?

also i have recently discovered this site on how to create customized google themes here is the link if you want:

P.S.S its been a while since i last read one of your long comments :D

DNangel5613 May 1, 2013

yep Anime planet got down for 2 days coz they were enhancing it or sth like that and i think i see no changes :/

that's what i feel too games got boring and also same as watching anime that is already released but its different in new released and ongoing animes idk but i liked watching ongoing animes maybe its because of the thrill of waiting for it to be released :D

haha , maybe they got surprised because of you doing unusual things :D

when choosing WW be sure to use the showtime skill wisely coz it costs many mp if you will use passive skills especially when you activated spirit boost skills animation time will speed up :D

lol , is it the rare essence's ? or the epic ones ?

why is that ? an error ? or bug ? if it is below 25 will the screen move?

well, i was thankful that it was resumed i heard news about it that the author died and idk what the cause was but right now after seeing that it has resumed maybe the rumors was not true :D glad he didn't die im a fan of zombie animes and thankful to him/her that he/she made it :D and to tell you the truth i think this is the first time i saw a zombie anime

maybe everytime you opened ap a coincidence that its down :D BTW cant wait for shingeki no kyojin's next episode :D its a letdown when the action is about to get started then *poof* to be continued... damn i was pissed of about that :/ looking forward in eren's progress :D

DNangel5613 Apr 19, 2013

np :D i also know how it feels when internet is down it feels like hell for me who is someone who cant live without internet XD

i do also use same username and password its a hassle to have many passwords and usernames at a time and also its easy to remember if you have the same user and pwords :)

official or not i use the same email :D except when i created another account (e.g facebook) i use another identical yahoo account (e.g. DNangel5613, DNangel_5613) 

yup DNSEA was also like that when i first played in 40 level cap

tempest are best in PVP while windwalker are best in PVE especially its rising storm which causes a lot of damage plus it sucks someone around it but not too strong like cyclon axe of merce, also one of the most damaging skills of tempest is hurricane dance once you get caught it feels like you have been hit with 100 hit combo :D

why not buy new mouse ? :D or rather change the sensitivity ? i always use sensitivity 30

having a lot of characters is a great advantage when farming system arrives you can harvest essence of life atleast 8 (for me) every 30 mins also the maximum characters you can create in DNSEA is expanded from 4 to 8 :D

really !? *opens mangafox* BOOYEAAAHHH!!! is there gonna be season 2 of this ?P.S. have you watched attack on titans ?? 

DNangel5613 Mar 26, 2013

this email was the right one :D [email protected] do you usually use the same password for all your accounts ? coz i use the same password in all acounts so that i wont forget it :D

but i saw one of my friends recieve polished diamond in every board quest he gets :/

good :) at first im good at acrobat but then when level 50 reaches im kind of getting bad at it coz i cant keep up with reaction time :/ im not in kirito level to keep up with the reaction time with Windwalker :/ also why not look for booster ?

does the arena have guild war ?

all in all the total characters ive created including your 2 characters is 8, 6 (50 level character consists of ML,BARB,SNIPER,WW,GM & SALEANA), 1 (level 32 character YumekuiF), and 1 (24 level Paladin i think im going into tank coz its much cooler :D)