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                     Death and me (Smrt i ja)

Death is not beyond me. She's in me

since the foremost beginning: she grows with me

in every moment

                       One day

I stop

                       while she grows forward

in me until she overgrows me wholly

and reaches my edge. My end

her's real beginning:

                        when reigns further on her's own.

                                                           Antun Branko Šimić - "Preobraženja" ("Transfigurations")

(translated from Croatian: me)

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DNangel5613 says...

internet was crappy as always this past week and i can hardly open any websites in my browser and finally now its back to normal :D

that sportsman's heart would be a great help in your training and military scholarship is a great thing in funding your school fees. what course would you be in?

i would be glad to try it out if its done :) speaking of 3d & 2d games me and my friend had a debate on how the game would be, if it is a 3d or 2d one .. so he suggested that we make 3d instead of 2d because just as you said REAL TIME BATTLES ROCK! :D we found a program called UNITY3D a software that help us make 3D games we wanted to try it out and if anything fails then 2D game it is.

woah! 700$? what brand?

i've seen the trailer on it in youtube i dunno if i like it. it seems confusing to watch :/ same here. i received a 30-days TH discount coupon by doing event but not even once i used it coz im too much focused in my account Daily quests, nests(norm&hell mode) plus multiple char in an account :(

ohh.. you mean like giving it a review? is it possible to do that?

wow! that was many O.o why not try to finish one anime series then jump to the other?P.S. have you heard or played SNK 3D game? if not here is the link: requires you to download some plug-in but it wont take long. im pretty sure youre gonna like this :D 

Jul 30, 2013
zetsubo666 says...

Sorry for the wait to your response but I have been looking and I can't really find anyone similar myself to Hikigaya. I think that is the reason I enjoyed the anime so much because its something refreshing to see and his character is done very well. All the characters were done well if I am completely honest they all had roles in the story and it was just handled very well in general. I am normally no the biggest fan of 13 eps because sometimes they cut off too soon meaning the final result is rushed and you feel disappointed.

Anyway thanks for the comment and I will keep looking for main characters similar to him in the meantime.

Jul 24, 2013
DNangel5613 says...

sorry for the late reply prelim exams where this week gladly its over now :)

oh, that was so close only 3 points needed its kinda frustrating :/ so, when you go to that university in another city you plan staying on boarding houses? and your allowance, you do part-time jobs? idk that there are no mosquitoes in seaside areas. that would be so comfortable when living in there coz mosquitoes are annoying especially when they bite its like an ant bit you and its itchy :/

thanks, we'll start making after the prelim exams. :)

i see, academic isn't released in DNEU maybe in later time and i know that feeling when you want to play that game but you have to finish another in order to focus on the other game.

definitely it will play on your laptop and also you will not regret playing it :)

same here summer wars FTW :D

i red the first page of it and yea they had some similarities though he became a loner because of his eyes so that's why they called the manga iris zero and yea i hope they make an anime adaptation about that manga idk if i will continue to read the manga because if i read it and it had an anime adaptation on it i will probably know whats going to go next, so ill just have to wait for now and let them surprise me of what would the story be :) speaking of anime adaptations have you red nisekoi? i heard that they will be making an anime adaptation, the story is about a gang and another rival gang fighting for business and in order to stop the fighting the leaders of each group decided to arrange a marriage for their child the problem is would they accept that? i red the first page of it and im sure it will be fun :D

P.S. have you watched hanasaku iroha?

Jul 19, 2013
Krozam says...

Always happy to recommend stuff and discuss anime/manga/light novels/visual novels.

Jul 10, 2013
Krozam says...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my Iris Zero review. You asked if I knew any other manga with similar protagonists. I do. Check out The World God Only Knows and Hammer Session, I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

If it's just cool protagonists, I could offer up several more, but I got the impression that you wanted intelligent, analytical types.

You're right, BTW, about Hikigaya being similar to Tooru. I'd never made the connection before, but now that you mention it, it's pretty clear.

Jul 8, 2013