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                     Death and me (Smrt i ja)

Death is not beyond me. She's in me

since the foremost beginning: she grows with me

in every moment

                       One day

I stop

                       while she grows forward

in me until she overgrows me wholly

and reaches my edge. My end

her's real beginning:

                        when reigns further on her's own.

                                                           Antun Branko Šimić - "Preobraženja" ("Transfigurations")

(translated from Croatian: me)

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zetsubo666 says...

Sorry for the wait I hope all is well after reorganising everything been pretty disappointed with anime recently so I took a break to catch up on my gaming back log.

Everyone loves Kill la kill this season but I just find the show far too silly for my liking guess I will return to watching Monogatari soon after letting so many episodes pile up.

I guess the anime that aren't too bad are Magi, Log horizon, Noucome, Outbreak company and Machine doll. The others just don't really catch my interest this season because Kill la kill isn't for me and I don't like basketball as a sport.

Nov 10, 2013
Shanalogic says...


In response to your question (which was probably sent a very long time ago... ;; ) I didn't draw my avatar and I just put together a few pictures like Lucy from Fairy Tail and a background. Then I just drew a few words on \o/

And no problem , Im just barging in on ur page too *^*

Oct 27, 2013
DNangel5613 says...

wow .. so basically the internet usage in your area is only for studies? O.o

so that's why you began packing some stuff (offline games,animes,etc.) while you were at your home and its like they say in quotes "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy" but instead its study :p well, from time to time you need some refreshments like playing games or watching anime :)

O.o parachuting? skiing? that's cool! i think your dream of becoming airborne is going to be true XD that reminds me when in the army they're stict at haircuts right?

well, i'll be sure they will return when SDN is released also when 50 lvl cap is released :)

nah, i don't know what program to use also i don't have a concept in what design to use im kinda bad at arts :/ how about you? do you want to participate in it?

anime industry sure is addicting so i'm pretty sure it won't go down especially this season there is a lot of interesting animes with interesting sotryline and animation :)

you have all the luck, have fun in the university :)

Oct 13, 2013
DNangel5613 says...

well, i think your playing with FPS games finally paid off ain't it? :p

and congratulations in passing and i got to say that your 2 weeks leave is going to be a busy one :D and continuing the army for the next 9 years ? or is it after 9 years ? is it the contract or sth ?

every year they change lvl cap is DN EU just started ? and yeah 40 cap is boring =_=

maybe europe doesnt get enough funding from servers and stuff and also i think usually some MMO games are originated in ASIA or in US and waits until the game gets popular to get funding and to get another server up and running in another country

ohh and also they have an event which you will design the costume the link is here:

someday maybe someday they will create a server where everyone can join around the globe :)

i think anime industry is getting more and more popular and it will definitely survive :)

well, that's college life :) and im glad you had enjoyed :D

Sep 22, 2013
DNangel5613 says...

yo! i decided to comment back at sept for a bundled report :p

yea .. i wondered also why other country has a high Mbps right maybe above 4 and still its not enough speed for them O.o

wow .. your that well informed about your body and your health. do you also check for your current health status ? and wearing glasses when watching or using a pc can be a help too sometimes my eyes got irritated and a little i felt a pain in my eye so i wear glasses for protection :)

talking about japanese currency 1 Php = 2 yen and i thought yen is a greater value than peso O.o and its a good thing you got there too have an allowance everymonth for me i have trouble in saving money because im easily tempted to play by the computer cafes and play DN sometimes Dota or Dota 2 >.<

your right about that having better armor comes with better experience and sometimes some rich bastards get better armor by buying and when it comes to fighting they are noob and die first >.< but sometimes i gamble between not so good equips and let me see what theyve got :D i also have that problems when i play dota sometimes i know where the enemy (psycho) is but still does not pull back and then BAM! got ambush and also applies in other games especially in DN when i tell myself not to enhance anymore then BAM! destroyed equipment =.= currently destroyed 7 Dangerous desire gloves before it became +8 and 2 helms and no +8 =.=

and speaking of DDN it just released last sept 3 :D and new maps for suffix III and i can see a dungeon there that is the hometown of the kali a town destroyed in flames abou the assassin DNKR and CN and other servers that released 70 have assassin class .. so in my calculation DNSEA is on 60 cap by the time next year around the release date of loli and kali the assassin class would be released :D

and yea loli i get used to people saying those when finding a PT for nests XD

costumes this month looks cool seems like theyre from anime XD

BTW i mean server like holywood,westwood, springwood and greenwood of DNSEA so i think it would be impossible from what you mean, sorry about that :/

i dont know what to watch next after watching 2 anime series and 4 movies and on a hiatus for atleast 1 and a half week and been watching new releases at that time until now :D and they have cool releases this fall :D many interesting animes and most of it are sequels .. valverave, magi, IS, little busters, freezing

they improved SNK tribute game and put a LAN multiplayer game :D and added new character armin, gas tanks, blade reload and flares green,red and black (if you have seen the latest release you should know what that means ;))

and i think that's all for my report :D

(looks at the whole comment)

O.O what the!! commented this long!! and i thought i made a short one? O.o oh well, i hope you dont mind about this long comment ;p

Sep 4, 2013