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In my free time when I'm not fighting for Khorne, stealing gene-seed, looting Imperium worlds while spilling as much blood as possible and fighing other Chaos forces that don't rever Khorne, I enjoy reading comedy mangas which may contain anything else as long as it's interesting. Actually, doesn't even need to be a comedy, as long as I don't need to get my power suit on, bolt pistol in one and chainaxe in another hand and get out to fulfil a blood quota because of boring read.

Before joining World Eaters and Khorne Berzerkers, I was student of Computer Engineering which spent most of his time playing games (Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, World of Tanks), sports (usually running since I found it really relaxing) or reading manga. A lot of it. Per day. Can't make myself start any anime but on the rare occasions I do, I watch, if not all seasons then at least one from a get-go. Sleeping is a huge drawback for me since I usually sleep (lie around) for 10+ (up to 18) hours a day. From time to time I get out of bed at first try and that day is a good day. Usually.

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DNangel5613 says...

its ok, i feel you. also we took our exams a week before yours so ours is kinda advanced though the schedule of our examination in our course does not follow the general date for exams for some major subjects coz the time is not enough usually we use up to 2-3 hours or 4 at most in the examination especially advanced subjects. well, same here i'm bad at gambles. its just up to luck i guess? though i have a pretty bad luck :/

wow, that's a tough workout though an episode a day relieves you from stress and also an inspiration. also, try Phantom: requiem for the phantom tho its not an inspirational anime but it has a very good story about brainwashed and trained to being an assassin w/o memories and a kill orders to live with :)

idk. as long as i passed in that subject that's all that matters and i'm currently waiting for the results though some grades of the subjects were released and i got passed on those including the subjects that i failed last semester :)

not yet. i'm still waiting for the usb. oh and BTW i dunno our game making plan will be done, we haven't even started yet, but we have the concepts its just the program on how to create the game is the problem got stucked up on that :/

P.S. i deleted the comment before this coz it has no spacing and too confusing to raed XD

Apr 13, 2014
DNangel5613 says...

i get that feeling it's exam time and i'm to lazy to study in my notes we'll stock knowledge all the way :D is your course electronic engineering?

yeah .. and i hear that when you use jellies your chance of enhancing is little :/ better go to the gambling side without jellies :D

i see it's fun in there. no boring moment :D

goodluck in that man. and that motivation is not bad tho i want to have that kind of motivational item T^T

oh. and BTW have you watched chihayafuru? it's also the same with bakuman but different plot it is also inspiring tho :)

yeah.. blue exorcist is great too :D and also that feeling when you get immersed in the first episode and you can't stop watching it until the end :D

well, lucky for you, you have L4D2 for free T^T .. also i want to have a steam account balance or whatever the currency in steam.. tho i can earn steam money by selling some dota 2 items on the steam market but they require me to spend some real money first in order to stop some scams and hacks T^T i dunno how to add a friend on steam tho i know how to add in dota 2 still new to steam :/

err... there was 1 subject that didn't went well tho the remaining of them just went average :/

Mar 2, 2014
DNangel5613 says...

its been a month since i last replied sorry about that been busy these past days with all the events at the school and midterm exams :/

that sounds like a lot of work and annoying

well, i just have to use jellies but on the right item though and it cost a fortune >.<

yep, it is only available in the first year and before i chose i asked the instructor what are those two ROTC and CWTS then he replied i prefer you choose CWTS coz its not so energy consuming and not tiring to do and if i choose ROTC he said that yeah, you will be standing there on the ground lined up and while the sun is up and hot and its tiring he says and the way he explained it i though that it is tiring indeed and i am a lazy person so i choose CWTS.oh and BTW last day they performed tactical its a show of the ROTC students doing military stuff and formation also the higher criminology officers performed some movements when you are in combat its was fun to watch and they did it while raining amazing O.O

just watched bakuman and its is an inspiring anime i tell you that. the way they struggle towards to make they're dream come true and i'm planning to watch yuyuu hakusha (ghost fighter) it was aired in our TV when i was little more like when i'm a grade schooler .. aah childhood memories :D i hope you did well in your exams :)

wait wut?! i have steam account and i didn't have that?! whyyyyy??

Feb 8, 2014
MustafaD says...

I loved it more than DBZ because it's just so much funnier and more entertaining.

Jan 22, 2014
DNangel5613 says...

what sorceress? karahan?

nah. i don't mind of you complaining. it sometimes occur in me too but in my case recently i was upgrading my armors in my sniper and i want it to +9 first try was my helm went to +9 but as for the upper body, lower body and gloves it didnt even reach +8 all destroyed and i have 4 pcs of each of them its so frustrating i want to punch the screen good thing i hold myself from that but i loose my strength somehow my body was weak after that mustve been the shock frustrating T^T

ROTC applies only when you are in the first year we got a chance to pick what NSTP branch or sth that we will take, there are 3 of them ROTC(it consists of more drills and stuff like in the army and they always carry this wooden rifle), CWTS(community service) & NTP(they say its all about computers and stuff but we didn't have this) so we have to choose on the two mine is CWTS.

yes, its kinda cousin of the mermaid or should i call it a merman? and yeah. im planning to go bald this end of school year XD

yeah, the walking dead is a great zombie series the season 4 mid season finale was a cliff hanger and i have to wait for it to return this february. but first imma read some manga i wanna finish or im curious whats going to happen in maid-sama and air gear coz i think they dont have anymore anime adaptations or another season :/

oh yeah. im very fortunate that we are on the southern part of the philippines in the mindanao and not in the typhoon belt, i heard that it was in 1900's since the last typhoon passed in our area the most damaged part was in tacloban and in the central part of visayas but it was very unfortunate before a month or so before yolanda passed they suffered an 7.2 magnitude earthquake everything was a mess though all i can do is to contribute in the relief goods.

Dec 24, 2013