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In my free time when I'm not fighting for Khorne, stealing gene-seed, looting Imperium worlds while spilling as much blood as possible and fighing other Chaos forces that don't rever Khorne, I enjoy reading comedy mangas which may contain anything else as long as it's interesting. Actually, doesn't even need to be a comedy, as long as I don't need to get my power suit on, bolt pistol in one and chainaxe in another hand and get out to fulfil a blood quota because of boring read.

Before joining World Eaters and Khorne Berzerkers, I was student of Computer Engineering which spent most of his time playing games (Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, World of Tanks), sports (usually running since I found it really enjoyable) or reading manga. A lot of it. Per day. Can't make myself start any anime but on the rare occasions I do, I watch, if not all seasons then at least one from a get-go. Sleeping is a huge drawback for me since I usually sleep (lie around) for 10plus (up to 18, EDIT: 22) hours a day. From time to time I get out of bed at first try and that day is a good day. Usually. Stopped being lazy bastard, time to fill my anime/manga quota. ;]

All those 5s in anime ratings are there because I gave everything a 5 when I started with anime. And I'm too lazy to change anything there. Now I don't watch anime almost at all. But I still give almost every manga a 5, as long as I didn't have an urge to demolish something during or after reading it.

TL;DR I'm entertained way to easily. :]

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DNangel5613 says...

can the website fix it? or send some reports about the said thing? well, FB is quite helpful though.

i played farmville too and quited coz its the system is the same thing you plant, wait, then harvest though i like to make my villa but when its done i have nothing more to do :/

that is cool included in 5% of top players in the world having your name or IGN in the list makes you proud of yourself and made you think how far did you go :) arent, they just lucky or sth??

agreed, you cant plan when you dont have a map its essencial in any strategies :D

they can do devastating damage when in groups than the apocalypse tank though

wait, so your saying that clannad has an ecchi part of the game? O.o hmmm... i think i wanna play it :p

yes, especially from the jump scares and all :D me too i shouted when there are events that has jump scares :D

P.S. just for you to know the damn laptop broke and i dont know what happened thankfully there is a warranty and is on the repair maximum of 30 days(1month) so  im replying in the internet cafe and it might take a while for me to reply but ill try my best to reply :)

Nov 25, 2012
Ketsuzoku says...

Sorry for the late reply!

My laptop broke and I had to get it repaired so it wasn't with me for a couple of days!

Gomen, gomen!

Anyway, my sister just uses photoshop CS5 ^^ It's a really nice programme and because it can do everything you don't have to switch between programmes while completing your art.

The actual programme can be pretty expensive but my sister bought the student edition which is much cheaper and has 90% of the features that the professional version has.

Nov 24, 2012
DNangel5613 says...

is it the link in your youtube account? if so, i have looked on it when i visited in your account the site/page you made. the 000webhost that your friends made for you does it have a bug that it cant be fixed?

i noticed on facebook the one with successful/most popular games is zynga last year or maybe last last year i read an article in yahoo that the game cityville have the most highest profit ever made (i tried that game after its release and it really is addicting it looks like sim city or sth no wonder it has high profit ever made in that year). and i got the feeling that it is more expensive than making an internet site.

thanks man :D 

i think for me its on my experience i find hard to be calm in hard situations especially when you are in your 1 hit death situation i kinda panic what to do and makes me always loose :) i dont usually play pvp so im not much experience in it, im more focus in leveling all the remaining 3 characters i got. also i think i heard a saying sth learning about your own mistakes (probably i watch too much animes XD) it sounds like your the ace player in your clan :D

yea, i lacks speed but before i send them to battle i must clear the land first. i also uses mini-map too :) its faster for it to look in the mini-map than to drag the screen to that location but when another color flashes in the map that's when i drag my screen to that location :) its like the mini-map is a tool for successful offensive-defensive strategy :)

ohh, so its like an implosion (like the ones i saw in BTOOOM). yea i find that technique when using chronosphere and iron curtain to clear infantry coz it kills them imediately when targeted in the effective range :D i saw that one too in RA2 i like it too its defenses are strong but slow moving but effective against building and vehicles but it doesnt kill infantry imediately it takes them 2-3 shots (which is 2 rounds per shot a total of 4-6 rounds) also the one i like in the US tank in RA2 is the prism tank it lacks defense and fast moving also has a longer range and kills infantry and buildings fast but weak against vehicles especially the apocalypse tank  but its attacks can chain with a unit that its close to the target which is also helpful in AoE attacks :D

is clannad that you are playing also have a sad ending or does it include the happy ending? is it played by emulator? i think i'm into playing corpse party right now thought its a horror game and a lot of jump scares but i dont mind as long as it has an interesting story :) 

P.S. i did learn that game on youtube and luckily there is a link in that video so i just copy + paste it  XD

Nov 24, 2012
DNangel5613 says...

where do you register if you create an internet site? have you tried making one? also that would be a great start for making business but designing the site would take some time to finish coz you have to design and build codes for it. How about making a game in facebook does it cost much higher than making an internet site? and one more thing, do you must have an stable internet connection and fast internet for it s requirements?

can i have your account if you dont use it anymore? i kinda want to try using moonlord but i dont have any character creation left in my westwood server account.

that would be a good news just a little more time and you can play CBT :) when going in PVP/PVE its all about strategies the more knowledge you have the more chances of winning also lets not forget about playing calm when things go bad :)

lol nice one XD i like the graphics of RA3 also its more or like generals (well they have the same creator thought :D) air vehicles have an advantage thought if use in groups when im playing RA2 i like using russian coz they have this airship which deal more damage but slow but when they attack in pack they are hard to knock down also if superweapons are turned on lets not forget about the nuclear missile :D

yea, especially when your playing in night and youre all alone in a room and starting to have goosebumps when i play horror games i make sure its daylight and i have someone watching me play it, it kinda helps me calm thought :D i also watched my cousin playing MoH too and sometimes the dogs jump scares me :)

its a 16 bit game like graphics from gameboy or sth like that i love the story of Ib thought it has alternate endings it depends on what you choose there are 5 different endings in it also witches house has 3 diffrent endings too i will post a link for you to download :D

Link for Ib:

Link for The Witch's house:

i recommend you to install this first to play The Witch's House:

here is a link from youtube for you to have a first impression about the witch's house:

P.S. you just have to refresh-refresh-refresh :D

Nov 22, 2012
DNangel5613 says...

that is a lot of money you can get if you have that many subscribers O.o 

yea its a waste if you just leave the game that you have a far progress just like my DN account my friends stopped playing it since we are so little playing it but sometimes we enjoy playing it but we most play DOTA and they stopped playing DN but i didnt stopped at that time my acro is already lvl 40 and has manti set so its a waste and also my BM is almost 40 so i decided not to drop  that game after they see me playing it some of my friends got interested again and played this morning we enjoyed playing  PVP but i didnt use my acro coz its level is high and its unfair to them :)

until that time comes you need to bolster your equipments in order to have an advantage in PVP :)

its really amazing right? also you can build bases in the sea which makes you harder to predict what strategy to use and also has its units some special abilities

P.S. have you tried playing Ib? and also The Witche's House its a great horror game i dont know if you like the graphics though but i definitely liked its puzzle play :)

Nov 21, 2012