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                     Death and me (Smrt i ja)

Death is not beyond me. She's in me

since the foremost beginning: she grows with me

in every moment

                       One day

I stop

                       while she grows forward

in me until she overgrows me wholly

and reaches my edge. My end

her's real beginning:

                        when reigns further on her's own.

                                                           Antun Branko Šimić - "Preobraženja" ("Transfigurations")

(translated from Croatian: me)

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DNangel5613 says...

do you have to download the animes you have to watch? or you watch the animes in the web and the downloaded animes goes to youtube for you to upload?

sometimes i watch first the anime that most interest me but if the anime that i will choose next both interests me then i will have to randomly pick them by the first anime that pops up in my head :p

Nov 11, 2012
DNangel5613 says...

nice list you got there BTW some/most of your must watch list is on my watched list and i garantee you its really interesting :)

for example i am currently watching and anime that is about to end and search for animes that i want to watch next. lets assume i found 3 animes that interests me and i decided the next anime i should watch by the first anime in the list to pop up in my head that way i dont find trouble in picking which is which :D

Nov 10, 2012
DNangel5613 says...

i didnt notice the comment below the profile up until now :) also ive been watching anime since last 2 years at first i wasnt really addicted to it until i find some animes to be moe or sth enjoyable to watch especially romance, comedy with action animei just kept watching one after another and still searching for more :D i dont really mind if it is a tragic story as long as the story interests me i will watch it :D btw tnx for accepting my friend request :D

Nov 9, 2012
MageOnx says...

I hope you feel well now. Don't overextert yourself and make sure you always have time to relax. Not having much plans is a good way of leaving time for relaxing. :p And you are right with the p.m.-a.m. thing, so don't worry about it! XP Contrary to you, I'm enjoying my summer by being as passive as possible! XD But I do go out for movies and strolls, so you can't blame me for anything! Not no mention this past moth has been really hot, so any motivation just melted away in the heat! XP

I understand, I intended to start learning kanji, but for reasons that are unknown even to me, I've been delaying it. ^¸^' But the good news is that my drawing-arm finally started waking up from its slumber and now I'm drawing more and a little better every time. -^-^- I figured lately, sometimes things are better when they don't go as planned! :D

Ha ha, although I'm a girl, I too have a pretty shallow cooking experience. But as long as it's fun, that's good enough, I guess. I hope you have fun in Zagreb, it's a big, busy city after all! -^-^- And I envy you a bit, there is someone (adult) constantly here at my house, so I can rarely let extremely loose! XP

Thank you for the links, you've been of great help so far. -^-^- I don't really need the Russian part, since my Mum is teaching that language in faculty, so I have all the required books (+a free tutor) at home! :p But the Japanese part will really come in handy, thank you!

Hmmmm, since it's the jubille 100th anime, it has to be a special one. One of my top personal favourites is D.Gray-man, dunno if you watched it of not. :p If you didn't, I strongly reccomend it above all others (it has 103 eps though). Others that I might want to recommend are Fullmetal Alchemist (51 eps, strong recommendation), Soul Eater (51 eps, strong rec), Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (25 eps, strong rec), Level E (13 eps of hilarious), Full Metal Panic! (24 eps, mega mecha), Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (12 eps of otaku-culture-related content, funny), Tiger & Bunny (25 eps, strong rec), Bakuman (25 eps, also strongly recommended), Dogs: Bullets & Carnage (a 4-ep OVA), Un-Go (11 eps, detectives), Toriko TV (not yet finished, reminds me of DBZ and One Piece), and Inazuma Eleven (127 eps, recently dubbed in English and aired on Cartoon Network, but I recommend the Japanese version, of course), for now! XD

Sorry to bombard you, just pick one at random if you can't decide! ^¸^' My top 3 recs are D.Gray-Man, Soul Eater and Tiger & Bunny, to make it simpler. :3

Very happy watchings to you too, may you enjoy your 100th anime! -^w^-

Aug 10, 2012
Theseus says...

Blue Submarine No. 6 is an anime, and I highly recommend it. It is my favorite Anime of all time, and it's only 4 episodes so it's definitely worth giving it a shot. You won't be dissapointed.

Jul 29, 2012