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In my free time when I'm not fighting for Khorne, stealing gene-seed, looting Imperium worlds while spilling as much blood as possible and fighing other Chaos forces that don't rever Khorne, I enjoy reading comedy mangas which may contain anything else as long as it's interesting. Actually, doesn't even need to be a comedy, as long as I don't need to get my power suit on, bolt pistol in one and chainaxe in another hand and get out to fulfil a blood quota because of boring read.

Before joining World Eaters and Khorne Berzerkers, I was student of Computer Engineering which spent most of his time playing games (Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, World of Tanks), sports (usually running since I found it really enjoyable) or reading manga. A lot of it. Per day. Can't make myself start any anime but on the rare occasions I do, I watch, if not all seasons then at least one from a get-go. Sleeping is a huge drawback for me since I usually sleep (lie around) for 10plus (up to 18, EDIT: 22) hours a day. From time to time I get out of bed at first try and that day is a good day. Usually. Stopped being lazy bastard, time to fill my anime/manga quota. ;]

All those 5s in anime ratings are there because I gave everything a 5 when I started with anime. And I'm too lazy to change anything there. Now I don't watch anime almost at all. But I still give almost every manga a 5, as long as I didn't have an urge to demolish something during or after reading it.

TL;DR I'm entertained way to easily. :]

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DNangel5613 says...

have you tried GBoost ?? it increases your pc performance by terminating or closing unecesary applications like wireless bluetooth, themes & aero, instant messagengers, etc. im using gboost when i play games to minimize the lag knowing my pc's processor and motherboard is old this software really helps alot :)

but you did play some mods right??

yea, i like micheal learns to rock songs like sleeping child, paint my love, etc. it calms my soul and i like the lyrics of it too :D

aw, too bad i hope they turn of the protection of that anime i really like that anime :( BTW i thought you didn't want to create a facebook page??

P.S. here is the link of GBoost if you are interested:

Jan 2, 2013
DNangel5613 says...

your laptop is a unique one it needs warm up just like humans do when doing some serious work :D

i forgot i downloaded it a long time ago, might be a good thing if minecraft is online and can play multiplayer do you know what version is online??

the first image that went on my mind when i saw the title of the song fearless i thought that it was one of taylor swifts songs but when i watched it my thought was wrong :P what year is that song published or released??

P.S. where is the akb0048 you uploaded i first saw the 2 episodes you uploaded and when i check later the episodes was gone what happened ?? 

Dec 31, 2012
DNangel5613 says...

downloading videos can consume most of the internet connection resulting to the other consumer using the internet to lag especially when playing online games for me i download video using idm so that i can limit my download speed and also to reduce the lag depending on how much kb/s i limit on my downloading video i also get a scolding from the internet cafe owner which is also i knew coz i play in his internet cafe almost everytime when im at downtown XD

is your living room air conditioned ?? it looks like your laptop needs a warm-up to reduce the lagging :D

i download minecraft and tried to play it but when i click play game the game does not start i tried to get some instruction but there was non i tried youtube google but the instructions are from other mods or sth

yea it gives you an extension in any games :)

same here i think i have 10+ but 5+ in the first semester and another 5+ in the second semester

the song no wonder it is called fearless :D

Dec 30, 2012
DNangel5613 says...

yeah so many people died in that typhoon i felt sorry for the victims :/

good for you :) also, same thing for me :)

yep, maintaining a page in facebook requires a lot of work to do and also it might be a good thing for everyone to see what animes youre going to upload next.

my PC can only carry M&B warband sadly other games such as skyrim is too big for my PC to play :(

there is one video i watche from minecraft it is a mod that you can chit-chat with the mobs or monsters in the game just like when playing clannad you can choose what to say and from the selection there is an anime picture of that mob or monster you chatted the mod is called girlfriend (something like that sentence i cant remember clearly)

i think at that time SAO wasnt finished i think, and i was like world dont end let me finish SAO first :D

wow youre like a dictionary XD

yep, laptop is ok now the problem of it was the processor's fan speed is slow thats why it lags and had to replace it a new one and it works great :)

lol, i thought i was the only one that almost posts my comment in my own wall XD

Dec 30, 2012
DNangel5613 says...

its been a month before i get to reply your message sorry about that T_T there are a lot of things happened a typhoon struck near my town we got signal #3 and a lot of power poles got struck down internet was down also for 2 weeks and i got a month of boredom T_T also i was busy at school a lot of activities and such well anyways i'm glad that internet got back this evening and also i can enjoy my winter break with not full of boredom ^_^

continuation of the topic :D ...

yeah i agree only the ones who made it knows what is the whole system of that thing. well, you got a point there you cant get any valuable info if some of the members there is new and facebook is a really valuable internet social site too and a lot simplier to use :)

yep most of the games have the same actions you have to do and i get bored sometimes but when this game is included in one of my inspired genres (such as zombies, etc.) and find to have unique elements on it i might like it :) i also got that feeling when you are playing it alone and wishes you have a buddy or two to play with.

well, they say your skills will get better if you have a handicap :)

ecchi? almost hentai? hmmm ... interesting *duhuhuhuhu* ^_^

computers and laptops have this and that things that makes it stronger

P.S. i got my new monitor this christmas and im now usin my PC my mom bought it so that i can stop messing with the laptop XD

P.S.S. sorry if its late but merry christmas :D and also an advance happy new year :)P.S.S.S. im glad 12/21/12 was not the end of the wordl :)

P.S.S.S.S. i dont know what the P.S's means, oh well as long as i can add a new topic thats all it matters XD 

P.S.S.S.S.S. the last P.S of the P.S's captcha this time: mall-order :D

Dec 29, 2012