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                     Death and me (Smrt i ja)

Death is not beyond me. She's in me

since the foremost beginning: she grows with me

in every moment

                       One day

I stop

                       while she grows forward

in me until she overgrows me wholly

and reaches my edge. My end

her's real beginning:

                        when reigns further on her's own.

                                                           Antun Branko Šimić - "Preobraženja" ("Transfigurations")

(translated from Croatian: me)

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DNangel5613 says...

do you get to pay money when establishing an internet site? and the more the ads you have the more of chances that your internet site will not go bankrupt or dont get closed.

World of warplanes? is it similar to Heroes in the Sky (i dont fully know if this is the correct name of the game) i saw an ad in youtube and i was amazed by the dogfight (that's what they call when planes fight) and also cool planes i want to play it but screw this i already have DN :D but its worth trying to play that game :/

since im going for fun (PVP) i think i dont want to craft level 50 sets level 40 is enough the PVP system has this compensation system it allows the players to have a balanced battle in this option it doesnt matter how strong your equips are the thing that matter the most in this option is your accessories(rings,necklace&earring), heraldries & skills. the life is balanced also the mana the life of the ranged character is less longer coz of its advantage the character that has a higher life are the melee ones coz they need to charge through you defenses and gives them disadvantages.

maybe its because of the skill that lets them go to invulnerable state or sth like that and the giant hammer. i dont know about sword masters but i find it hard to have a combo.

i sometimes read about stuff that relates me or interests me but after i know what its all about i stop coz i realized im going off to what my real objective is.

P.S. do you also play RA? did you play the latest one? RA3 and the main enemy there i the japanese :) i want to play it badly but my computer :/ also, having a lot to learn is going to be an advantage sometimes :)

Nov 20, 2012
DNangel5613 says...

i dont know whats the difference about the virus and effects of each kind of virus as song as my anti-virus detects and removes it im just happy my computer isnt affected :D i also have experience about my computer getting caught in a virus and disabled my computer for about a month or two at that time i dont know how to handle viruses and such i think i got that virus from another pc which has virus and i thought that my computer's anti-virus were strong enough to detect it but little did i know about my anti-virus that it was already expired from then on i am extra careful when transfering files from one pc to another.

i agree with you its better safe than sorry :D i got this topic from my friend this morning we were talking about internet sites and got into our mind how (for example youtube) did they make money? or who is paying them that they can hire well known youtuber to work for them and also givess them good pay? is there an organization that funds internet sites?

you got some pretty information you got there? so this is based on your experience from the alpha's and beta's in WoT right? and yea some items they give in one time events are rarely seen and acrquired by anyone and that makes you unique and a memorandum that you participated in that event also it depends on the status of that item that it will be useful to you or not.

i got an idea for making gold easy have you heard about the dungeon in lotus marsh called RR? the boss drop called feather "..sth.." is almost 10g if there is no one selling it in TH other than you i got a 100k gold just selling 10pcs of it :) and i dont need that item im ok with just my manti set i dont usually participate in non compensation matches coz it gives me disadvantage i like compensation rounds coz its just pure skills and guts to win there :D

yea engineers have weak defense and low HP but when you get trapped in her summons you sure are dead meat XD just like i saw a match guardian(paladin) vs gear master(engineer) at first 40 secs the paladin is completely at advantage but when cd time of towers and summoned beast in engineer is over it suddenly turned the table no matter how much the paladin tries to reach the engr it cant reach her coz of disabling skills, paralysis, stun and summons which is annoying and made the paladin loose that round.

i dont know much about job opportunities in our country but i think most of the people here dont have jobs and have to go to work abroad to have a better life and inorder to save their families from poverty in our city i think there are many part time job or i dont know (i dont usually research about jobs in our city coz im lazy) i only save money from what my parents gave to me and all whats left in my allowance when i go to school in other words i am/kinda dependent on my parents which i want to renew or i want to change but im too shy about getting a job and when that happens i usually loose my self-confidence and make mistakes.

P.S. no need to apologize, you just got yourself up pretty into the topic and overwrote some extra information that happens to people all the time :) also im a little bit of an airheaded and sometimes there are parts when i read got cut off or forgot what part am i so in order to understand it i just have to take important parts and compile it together in order what it means.. ohh and also you sure do have a lot of informations you got there do you read a lot??

Nov 19, 2012
DNangel5613 says...

sorry i took so long to reply, i was about to send my reply to you late evening after i clicked the submit button the damn internet suddenly cut off and loose what i have typed :( and forgot to make back up copy also i was sleepy and reply the next day but 2 days i havent used the laptop coz somebody is using it and its very important.

i have an account for a torrent downloading site except this site downloads movies and when you download a movie you must seed it in 1.0 ratio that is the minimum requirements to continue using that site, can worm virus minimize your disk space? i think it hides your folder and creates shortcut that doesnt have any files in it and hides the original file.

is To Love-Ru copyrighted? i watched that anime it is a great anime and the 3rd season of it is released but ongoing and i am looking forward to watching this anime :) what happens if you changed the video ID or using watermark (i dont know what watermark does :/).

ohh so they are using players in the alpha version to check if there are bugs? and what do you get if you participate in the alpha? also do they have any rewards when  particpating in beta also? and the purpose in Closed beta is to have the new players for its first look/impression right? do you have participated in the alpha verion in DN SEA?

you dont need to write the skill build of you character why not use the print screen and look at the picture that way you can save more time :D acrobat is good i like the combo system of it also i dont know what is stronger is it engineer or alchemist or both? on my opinion alchemist have good combo like acro and engineer have this summoning advantage it traps the enemy and let her summoned ducks,alfredo and towers do the job. i like engr though because of the her summoning skills :)

its ok no need to apologise, about suddenly loosing someone part from your family makes you think "so this is reality" and its true you can recognize a dead body and an unconcious one coz of its pulse, heartbeat, and temperature sometimes had that kind of feeling.

i have internet at the place where i live except that i cant play online games that cost higher system requirements and also the thing i am using at home is a laptop/netbook or what do you call it and have a weak processor and easily lags and its only use is for internet browsing and making some files in MS word,excel,etc. i play online games in the internet cafe but i have a pc at home with sadly with no monitor i am currently saving my money to buy a new one but i dont know how to save money coz when i start to play games in the internet cafe and i am enjoying (escpecially DOTA and DN)  it i just cant control myself but play until i have no money left :(

P.S. just to be sure i make sure to copy whati wrote :)

Nov 16, 2012
Shadowblazen says...


I can't remember where but I saw you in the comments section on like a couple days ago I think lol. That's where I stream most anime I watch (I used to download but I don't do that as often anymore because internet is slow and streaming is always faster)

Nov 16, 2012
Ketsuzoku says...

Yay! My page isn't sad and lonely anymore ^^

My icon is a actual image but my sister fixed it till I liked it. You can check out more of her art here if you want to :D

Nov 14, 2012