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In my free time when I'm not fighting for Khorne, stealing gene-seed, looting Imperium worlds while spilling as much blood as possible and fighing other Chaos forces that don't rever Khorne, I enjoy reading comedy mangas which may contain anything else as long as it's interesting. Actually, doesn't even need to be a comedy, as long as I don't need to get my power suit on, bolt pistol in one and chainaxe in another hand and get out to fulfil a blood quota because of boring read.

Before joining World Eaters and Khorne Berzerkers, I was student of Computer Engineering which spent most of his time playing games (Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, World of Tanks), sports (usually running since I found it really enjoyable) or reading manga. A lot of it. Per day. Can't make myself start any anime but on the rare occasions I do, I watch, if not all seasons then at least one from a get-go. Sleeping is a huge drawback for me since I usually sleep (lie around) for 10plus (up to 18, EDIT: 22) hours a day. From time to time I get out of bed at first try and that day is a good day. Usually. Stopped being lazy bastard, time to fill my anime/manga quota. ;]

All those 5s in anime ratings are there because I gave everything a 5 when I started with anime. And I'm too lazy to change anything there. Now I don't watch anime almost at all. But I still give almost every manga a 5, as long as I didn't have an urge to demolish something during or after reading it.

TL;DR I'm entertained way to easily. :]

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DNangel5613 Mar 25, 2013

it looks like the same as the old FTG system which you cant enter dungeon when it reaches zero

it will come out soon when lvl 50 cap is half a year before it releases. some players are like that when they are losing they quit because i dont know if they dont want a losing team or just dont want a game that has already been decided :D

i dont know but when i took quest from npc's i get extra diamond for reward but when i look at the board quest still i dont get one :/

good for you :D recently i just finished a hellish examination major subjects and my head was spinning coz i dont know what to start with and the questions are really hard to crack :/ good thing i answered the right amount of required points to pass (not sure if correct though :D) the nervous part is the waiting to release the grades :|

 moonlord is doing fine i use it in pvp's sometimes but i have no time for getting some ABN set or GN set coz i have many characters :D in the meanwhile i use it also in farming system coz i want to craft revival apple juice which is useful in nests :D

BTW, kali will release in april 2 do you mind if i change yumekuiF to kali ? if so can you give me your email in your cherrycredits account ? they are running a event right now if i crack the code for it i will receive a reward which is only claimable to kali characters only :D

DNangel5613 Mar 19, 2013

i think in when BP reaches in 0 it doesnt change the drop rates plus the only one that is affected is the extra exp you gain.. also, same with you i joined a great guild we do SDN weekly and the players are not arrogant of their selfs not some other guild and players trashtalks when you commit mistakes acting like pro :/

what mistake ?

ohh.. you do like reading do you? :)

BTW girls and panzer episode 11 is up the fight was intense you should watch it :D

P.S. i checked your ML's quests and it has additional reward polished diamond how do you get that ? my friend has it too by doing quests but what quest did you get that ? ive been searching throught google just to know about it but couldnt find the answer :/

DNangel5613 Mar 7, 2013

really ?? that's a big news from the GM not to delete the characters when the CBT ends :) congratulations! :D how about for the academic for the last slot ?

do you have any ideas on how to make +8 epic level 50 ??

i haven't seen it in your channel hmmm... maybe i skipped it ? :/

also have you watched omamori himari ?

DNangel5613 Feb 25, 2013

well, aint it you lucky to find out that the admin is from your country :) ive got no problem about my graphics card though its just i cant play larger games that requires advanced specs im happy with my pc right now i dont play much games like cod or etc also my purpose for my pc is watching animes and sometimes play dota 1 online with friends :D

ohh.. i see i downloaded the link and it works in wmp also i set it to aimp3 coz i have one no need for me to install BSplayer, thanks for giving me some tips :D

i haven't watched the movie yet but i think the movie is all about that girl and the space elevator or sth .. i agree on you with that it definitely need a new season i want to watch the war i say its gonna be epic :D

i watched it about a month or two ago but i didnt know there was an OVA of school days so i watched it yesterday i was surprised i recieved a badge for completing the series XD

DNangel5613 Feb 23, 2013

i also have that game crash tag team racing i accomplished the mission also the remaining unlockables but there is this one movie clip i didn't unlock i searched everywhere on how to unlock this the clip is called "liquidation/liquidated" then i got tired of it and played the game in multiplayer purposes is fun to play it with another player where youre cars clash together and transform the 2 cars into a warmachine my favorite cars in that game are nina and n-gin coz of their destructive weapons (shotgun and rocket XD)

the rewards are very cool especially the graphics card which i needed the most but im too lazy to sign up in that -.- also i have no luck in that i have most likely 1 in a 100 percent chance to get that, besides im okay with my specs i can play DOTA 1 with my friends online using garena plus and some lower req. specs games so ill pass to that.

about that the site is shoutcast can BSplayer play url in the site shoutcast ? or is it the same as windows media player?

P.S. to aru majutsu no index movie has been released but i cant get in touch with the video i think because it has not been uploaded yet? or maybe wait for a week or two to be uploaded in anime sites :/

here's the links: