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                     Death and me (Smrt i ja)

Death is not beyond me. She's in me

since the foremost beginning: she grows with me

in every moment

                       One day

I stop

                       while she grows forward

in me until she overgrows me wholly

and reaches my edge. My end

her's real beginning:

                        when reigns further on her's own.

                                                           Antun Branko Šimić - "Preobraženja" ("Transfigurations")

(translated from Croatian: me)

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DNangel5613 says...

luckily i can use that seatmate's power in a lot of subjects the distance is not long but there is this one subject that i cannot use that power the rule is that you can only look up and down else you look left or right where your seatmate is then goodbye test paper so yeah its a GG when you caught like that :D

yeah i agree even with degree its hard to find decent job. well, goodluck with that and have fun, its somewhat kinda fun at that kind of times :)

yep. coz making new engines takes a lot of time especially when making the codes and stuff so its better to have programs that have already have the codes so the only you need to learn is the basic on how to use that :)

well, its good to have a past time after some stressful work and stuff, you need to reward yourself for the things that you've done to relieve some pressure yesterday we went to an overnight trip at the beach and there was a disco party at the beach after getting drunk i feel like the cold breeze of the air was gone and i didn't feel cold at all just like what max payne feels after taking that drug valkyrie and also shyness was gone that time so yeah it was fun dancing around that disco relieving the stress from the exam :D

LAN card fcked up so i waited 2 months to repair it so i was not likely online that time tho i can still watch anime with some android device in home

P.S. - i was amazed by anime-planet's new interface i think this is much cooler that the last one :D

Jul 20, 2014
Sheex says...

I don't think the integral is solvable by hand; it's meant as a joke! But it's e^[82arctan(pi/2)]. Good luck!

May 10, 2014
DNangel5613 says...

yea it isn't enough time probably a whole day if we will be given that enough time unfortunately no. well, if the other problems cannot be solved by myself there is always a seatmate you can count on. if you know what i mean ;) signing out of college would be bad especially if you need a decent job you needed a degree.

i'm jelous of you coz you have that external 1Tb is equivalent to 1000gb i can't even afford to buy like that :/

actually to be honest i only studied the day before the exam XD and some of the seatmates "power" if you know what i mean ;)

yep. its hard doing other things while in college coz sometimes you just cant have having any free time doing it :/ and about the programming i don't even know what the hell should i start at neither is my friend. we are so confused about programming like that one time we had a subject about programming the java topic about boleans, strings and stuff we were like wut~! i dont know what the f*ck the teacher is talking about then gives us a quiz that is a mind blowing, hated that subject -_-

i'm planning on using the RPG maker or the Unity coz it has a built in program and codes (i guess) and all we need to do is make a scenario and events. that way it'll take less in time in doing the game :)

thanks :) you'll need goodluck too in dealing with your laziness :)

May 4, 2014
DNangel5613 says...

its ok, i feel you. also we took our exams a week before yours so ours is kinda advanced though the schedule of our examination in our course does not follow the general date for exams for some major subjects coz the time is not enough usually we use up to 2-3 hours or 4 at most in the examination especially advanced subjects. well, same here i'm bad at gambles. its just up to luck i guess? though i have a pretty bad luck :/

wow, that's a tough workout though an episode a day relieves you from stress and also an inspiration. also, try Phantom: requiem for the phantom tho its not an inspirational anime but it has a very good story about brainwashed and trained to being an assassin w/o memories and a kill orders to live with :)

idk. as long as i passed in that subject that's all that matters and i'm currently waiting for the results though some grades of the subjects were released and i got passed on those including the subjects that i failed last semester :)

not yet. i'm still waiting for the usb. oh and BTW i dunno our game making plan will be done, we haven't even started yet, but we have the concepts its just the program on how to create the game is the problem got stucked up on that :/

P.S. i deleted the comment before this coz it has no spacing and too confusing to raed XD

Apr 13, 2014
DNangel5613 says...

i get that feeling it's exam time and i'm to lazy to study in my notes we'll stock knowledge all the way :D is your course electronic engineering?

yeah .. and i hear that when you use jellies your chance of enhancing is little :/ better go to the gambling side without jellies :D

i see it's fun in there. no boring moment :D

goodluck in that man. and that motivation is not bad tho i want to have that kind of motivational item T^T

oh. and BTW have you watched chihayafuru? it's also the same with bakuman but different plot it is also inspiring tho :)

yeah.. blue exorcist is great too :D and also that feeling when you get immersed in the first episode and you can't stop watching it until the end :D

well, lucky for you, you have L4D2 for free T^T .. also i want to have a steam account balance or whatever the currency in steam.. tho i can earn steam money by selling some dota 2 items on the steam market but they require me to spend some real money first in order to stop some scams and hacks T^T i dunno how to add a friend on steam tho i know how to add in dota 2 still new to steam :/

err... there was 1 subject that didn't went well tho the remaining of them just went average :/

Mar 2, 2014