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  1. im not so smart
  2. i LOVE anime
  3. i think the war is stupid
  4. PEACE SIGNS are my thing
  5. I love just being me
  6. i THOUGHT i heard a cat "bark"
  7. i have 6,000 friends
  8. I am taken
  9. i play xbox live all the time
  10. my gamer tag is SerenityRain
  11. I let my dad play on it
  12. i think i call run up walls
  13. but never tryed
  14. life gives me lemons and i throw them at people and
  15. next time im going to make grape juice can you guess how??
  16. or squirting them in your eyes and run away laughing (nt my words)
  17. my BRAIN runs over 1,000,000 miles an hour!!!
  18. I feel a whole species pain
  19. i dont think you heard those "voices"
  20. stewie and i are married


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Marie204 says...

Hey there! Welcome to AP!

Next time life hands you lemons, you should make grape juice and let everyone try to figure out how you did it.

Apr 11, 2009
Sasukefanx12 says...

Hey welcome to ap!

Btw, a better use of the lemons would b squirting them in ppls eyes and running away laughing. So much more fun lol. And What do u play on Xbox LIVE? My Gamertag's PokemonCG if u wanna check out my games or feel free to msg me if u want.

Apr 11, 2009
VivisQueen says...

Lol. Hello there! Nice avatar. Have a nice time here. :)

Apr 11, 2009
shadowds says...

Welcome to AP the name shadowds if you need help find anime to watch online i can send you links where you can watch online or download up to you just ask when ever you need help ^^

How are you doing? ^^ also funny about ya XD

Apr 11, 2009