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Hey everyone!

I'm surprised you stumbled across my BIO. You see, I'm good with words, animals and movies :) but totally hopeless and shy with people I don't know. Actually, I'm not even that good with words, as you might have guessed by the deplorable state of my profile page....

Anyway though, thanks for dropping by and please do take a look at the anime I've watched. Because, personally I believe they are all quite good. :) And if you have any recommendations, thoughts, ideas or if you just want to say hi, feel free to write me a message- I'd be delighted and I'll do my best to reply as quickly as I can! 


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foureyedalice says...

hey- you came up on the 'random top 5 list' thing.  Granted, I haven't seen Nausicaa or Twelve Kingdoms -yet-, but I love the other three.  Way to have great taste!  :D

Feb 24, 2009