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Bakemonogatari, K-On, Canaan, oh my!


Seven wasn't enough. Fuck me, I hate being here. 

I opened with the [Frostii] release of Bakemonogatari for a lark. The series drips Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and I imagine that ten typesetters and four translators died trying to release this. It's mind-hurtingly stylish and quite strange. That said, if it doesn't deliver some more substance to cover the checks its smugness is writing, it's getting dropped. There was a glimmer of hope towards the end when they introduced Oshino and emo-ghost-girl but we'll see. If I get bored enough, I'll get the next few eps of the [gg] release.

Afterwards, I saw K-On! with a friend. He loved it, I was bored witless after a few episodes. Nothing freaking happened! The most drama in the entire series was in the epilogue when the cat fucking horked up a hairball! Plus, it was moe. I'm not above moe. I still think Lain was the epitome of it (I mean, she's a taremekko goddess!). But this was panderingly so, and I have a pathological hatred of being sold to. If you disagree, count the number of characters whom you can't imagine as merchandise. Basically, metal-Sawako. Also, there are precisely six male characters with speaking lines. Only three of those have more than three lines. None more than ten. I had to watch Detroit Metal City to cleanse the palate (which was at least an influence. Yay, teeth guitar!).

Finally, Canaan. Oh. My. God. I think this will be my main anime for the season. Where can I begin? Every episode has at least one scene specifically designed to make you go "Holy fuck!" If it were merely that, it would just be an awesome action series. But the characters are expressive and reasonably multidimensional, and watching them interact is a blast. And if it ever lags a bit, enter the taxi driver. If you doubt this, watch the car chase in episode 2. Does that not rock hard?

Appy-polly-logies for length but the cat is demanding my time, attention, and love. Also, his fifth meal of the day. Needy little bastard.

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