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ZnT3 impressions

13 JUL

Bugger me with a spoon. The sun's coming up and I've gone through three seasons of Zero no Tsukaima in two sittings. Today was devoted to fixing some computer trouble (not mine, luckily), and destroying Princess no Rondo.

Oddly enough, it was actually really good. Season 2 was driving me up the wall with the unending idiocy, but they cut back on it this time with a little extra dose of angst and lust to round it out. I mean, there were only two, perhaps three times when I wanted to shank Siesta.

More effort was placed into character development this time. Most of the attention was lavished on Louise and Siesta, of course. Saito remained relatively generic and driven by his balls, but wasn't the nosebleeding fucktard he was in S2. Tabitha got a little bit of attention, too, elevating her above another Nagato-ripoff. It's a pity she spent so much time as one that I couldn't bring myself to care about her. On the plus side, watching Henrietta break was a real treat, but still pretty tame (I cut my teeth on Lain, bitches!).

Plotwise, it was okay. It just felt weak, compared to the fast-paced arcs of the previous two. Simply put, less happened. The Jormungandr was a particular disappointment for me. I mean, setting up this veiny ominous giant hidden behind the gate of Shaitan only to end up being an oversized stygian knight? The meh is deafening. At least they left lots of stuff open for season 4, so that's something to look forward to.

So, yeah. 37 episodes in three days. Small wonder my ISP hasn't sent me an angry letter yet.


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