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The story is about a young boy who was really good friends with a young girl during theyre childhood, but when the girl enters elementry school they loose contact until they meet again in high school. However she is from a super rich family and acts very cold against him, pretending that she doesn't know him. However he is still very much in love with her as he has followed her and worked hard to get into the same high school. One day some girls are talking in class and are over heard saying that if you ask the "Observe god" for a wish he will grant it at a price. When the boy gets back to his dorm he trys it, asking the god to connect his room with hers. Then she walks right into his room. Now faced with an awkward situation they make due. The next day however the same gossiping girls are over heard saying how they tried it and it didn't work. Then they say how they're is another conditon. Both partys must have wished for the same thing... Starting a nice 5 chapter, but kinda long at 40 or so pages each, comedy/romance/school life/smut story.

7/10 story
7/10 art
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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