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Hello world of Anime-Planet!

I am known as Alex-chan! From what you can tell of my list is I never discriminate against anime. I watch any series that comes my way, eventually, and I watch it all the way through to the best of my ability. I was taught a long time ago, how can you really judge something if you haven't experienced for yourself?

I love anime, manga, video games, cooking, arts and crafts, hiking, Roleplaying Games [as in D&D, Pathfinder, etc.], writing, academics, motherhood, etc. I am pretty random and adventurous, open-minded and crazy. If any of this appeals to you please send me a message or comment on my profile ^_^

In the near future I plan on creating a website for Anime&Manga reviews, along with Games, Novels, Cooking Tips, etc. Hopefully everyone will take a look and enjoy learning about me...I hope to learn about all of you too!!!

Love and Hugs,

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skitxophrenic May 20, 2013

xD!!! I knew you'd say something.. haha.. Nick wanted something random to marathon so we marathoned it.. We really hate Kaname.. we swear he puts a tracer or something on Yuki because he is ALWAYS there when she turns around. Always. All the time XD;

We both like Zero.. the show isn't great at all, but it's not the worst thing I've seen. I think one of my biggest problem with it is there were too many useless characters, haha. That and the dialogue was pretty terrible at times... very melodramatic.. but.. eh.. it was okay. Not as bad as Wedding Peach or other things I've seen OVA wise. We're interested to see where it goes but I know Guilty is supposed to be sort of worseish? But we're gunna try anyway.. >.>

skitxophrenic Mar 17, 2013

Well unfortunately, Noir hasn't really aged well. It's really slow-paced almost atmospheric style works if you're in the right mood for it, and I still like it, but I don't think I'll ever really desire to revist it. If you want to see the same thing done better (it's by the same animation studio) watch Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~.. which is two assassins again but it's much faster paced with those same cool kill shots and the same atmosphere.. so whenever you're in the mood for that, go for it XD

I'm glad to hear "Say I love you" is worth getting then :D I'd read quite a bit about how enjoyable it was coming out, and when I saw it got licensed I was happy.. I tend to pay more attention to shojo/josei titles and whether or not they get licensed.. bahaha.

My history with FMA is a little less surrounded by fangirls, but I totally get what you mean. I know it's a big hit with many people, but everytime I watched it when I was younger I was turned off by the humor. And, honestly, it's the same kind of humor that's present in all shonen shows, including One Piece (which I watch for the humor) so I shouldn't entirely mind it ... but for some reason in FMA i never liked it. So it really took a good shove for CJ to make me watch it XD and I've liked it mostly so far. Shou Tucker's whole part is condensed to 1 episode in Brotherhood, but he was still really fucked up. Mustang just grew on me after a while, I didn't really care at first but I didn't realize he had a crazy fangirl following XD bahaha.. so yeah... Alphonse I enjoy more because not only is his philosophy more realistic but he's also a more realistic character in my opinion. I mean, I like Ed, he's funny, but Al actually seems like he's a young boy to me. I like that. Despite being in a suit of armor, he seems like the character he's supposed to be. 

And oh god. Wallflower. XD It was on sale at a dvd store near here, so I bought it, and have watched a little.. with Nick... and yeah.. the art is... wow.. XD but it si funny. It's one of those shows we've popped in to show people like, "Hey, wanna see the ugliest people ever????" xD;;

skitxophrenic Mar 17, 2013

Penguindrum is very kawaii and silly... sort of. It's by the director of Utena, and so.... it's silly and has a really strange sense of humor, but it also delves into darker and mature themes. The story is.. basically, two twin brothers, Kamba and Shoma and their younger sister Himari. Himari is sick with some sort of disease, and one day they all go to the aquarium.... they buy her this cute hat in a gift shop... then she wanders off and collapses to the ground. They pronounce her dead at the hospital, but they put the hat they bought her on her (out of sadness) and... the hat revives her, telling the twins that if they want their sister to live again (without the hat) they have to find the Penguindrum. So the show is about Kamba and Shoma looking for the Penguindrum...whatever that is... and it's definitely a neat little show. The visual style is very pretty and very fairy-tale-y. I love it because I can pick up on the Utena director's little quirks but it's also just a really cool show. :3 you might like it.

How was that shojo show you watched recently? The one that translates to "Say, "I love you"" ? It got licensed for dvd release here and was thinking of checking it out, and saw you rated it really high... was it gooooood :D?

Flag is a show that's basically a war documentary, but Flag is unique in how it's made I guess.. it's done in the style of a found-footage film. So like.. Blair Witch Project style movie but in anime XD it's by the guy who made Blue Gender and even looks fairly uniquein art style... I think some people dislike the way it was made... which is why I want to review it since I actually like that approach to movies ;P

Oh and I totally forgot to mention Yamcha, which is sad because I'm like you and Yamcha actually is my favorite ;.; I totally agree with you that hecould be real. And yeah Bulma is alright in Dragon Ball. I think it's just when the characters are in DBZ and are there for personality, not action, that some characters become.... irritating xD;;;and ohhhhhman I hope we get that new movie... it looks so damn kewl ;_;

Wedding Peach is awful but in my defense Nick bought it all for me XD; I've watched a little in the background while doing homework.. it's way too rip-offy of Sailor Moon.. there's an older magical girl I have that I prefer more, Saint Tail.. which is about a theif.. it's more Kodocha-esqe girl vs. boy.. which is why it's cute.. Nick likes that one too XD he's watced a couple episodes with me.. And yeah I know about Shugo Chara! That one is cute.. I've watched some here and there just haven't committed to watching it all.. it's not irritating like Wedding Peach and has a fun sense of style.. sorta like Tokyo Mew Mew I guess.. 

Yeah Kaiba is the dude in YuGiOh with the dragons.. he's so funny.. xD;; .. YuGiOh is also easier to watch to some degree than One Piece because at least it has a definite end right now.. haha.. but YuGiOh's dub has people I like more in English... Yugi being one, though I don't mind his evil feminine voice in Japanese (it's Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon in Japanese, so xD:)but the side characters are better in Japanese.. both in voice and dialouge. Just be prepared to have one or two painfully slow arcs in YuGiOh.. One Piece starts a little slow but it never hurts to watch (just my experience) ... but there's one or two arcs of YuGiOh you just wanna die watching, which is sad because other parts are stupidly fun to watch. YuGiOh does have a good duel or two in each arc though, so it's not all bad XD;

You dun like Roy Mustang? See he's my one of my favorite characters in Brotherhood, but mainly because he's ambitious and in control of what he's doing.. partially because he's much more adult than a lot of people in the show.. but it does take a while to see that, I remember in the beginning he's just normal military guy who is a flirt or whatever.. he does change, at least in Brotherhood..  but from what I heard, the first 22 episodes of original FMA are condensed to 10 in Brotherhood, so you see Mustang develop much more quickly. Maes Hughes is awesome :3 and yeah.. I like Alphonse WAY WAY more than Ed.. I like Ed too.. he's just a little too hot headed. 

Anywho... I wub you... yeah :D

skitxophrenic Mar 8, 2013

I think motivating yourself to watch things you wanna watch is a much better way to watch anime, that way you enjoy what you're watching vs. just watching it 'cause you have to ;P And Gurren Lagann is pretty good, I think you'll enjoy it for the most part. 

Genocyber is an ova with ...I think the first episode was like, 45min - 1 hour long, but the rest of the episodes were 30 minutes each. We didn't watch it all in one sitting but it makes so little sense, it felt like forever. Garzey's Wing makes more sense. 

I think for my first reviews, as I told you.. I wanna review the movie Timecrimes, but I also wanna give a shot to reviewing the anime Flag, as well as a couple OVAs I enjoy and maybe Simoun, which is a wonderful, wonderful show which I highly recommend if you can ever watch it. 

Goku is totally my fav in DB >.< him or Tien.. and I'm so, so happy you like Tien XD he just makes me giggle. I think (having only seen a lot of regular Dragon Ball) I like how he starts as an enemy and gradually grows into a friend. There's so many people in DBZ that stick around just because they were main in DB. I'll have to pick it up once I finish Sugar Sugar Rune, because I enjoy reading purely happy things. And yeah, even in the anime the Red Ribbon Army things are slow, but they still amuse me. It's just a feel good, fun adventure show and it makes it totally worth the watch. Even the slow parts make me smile :3

And yeah, the region-free player will play ANYTHING.. so I could buy Japanese DVDs, although they are PRICEY. Australia has the few Ghibli films we never got here (Ocean Waves, for one). And honestly, if you wanna get us gifts we're easy to pick for.. though I should update my silly Amazon wishlist to show what I really have and don't have now.. maybe I'll show you Nick's list as well, he's been heavily into real movies lately too. This is Sherlock Hound xD It's just basically Sherlock Holmes with a dog, like those episodes of Wishbone back in the day. It's mainly just for fun, as it's only available dubbed and the dub is from the 80s but it's still super funnn xD Yeah.. I'm lame.

And as for the magical girl stuff... >.> Yeah, I'm pretty silly with it bahaha XD; I guess I like a lot of it because if it's done right it's usually very feel good. Although I've recently discovered Wedding Peach and it's so bad it's pretty funny.. I got Nick to like some magical girl shows.. but if you wanna see a funny one that super parodies Sailor Moon, check out Magical Project S.. it was a side spin off to Tenchi Muyo where Sasami is a Magical Girl (not the Sasami Magical Girl's Club show, that is way different) and it has all the Sailor Moon wacky villians and stuff xD; I like what I've seen of that one. It has Nick's favorite magical girl villian of all time, Pixy Misa.. who is pretty cute.

And this comment is super long and late so I apologize xD yeah.. Nick has all of the 4kids dub of Yu-Gi-Oh on dvd so I'm watching it just because.. honestly.. despite a lot of the bad things in the dub.. I still like it.. I especially like Yugi and Yami Yugi's voice actor, and Kaiba. It's a fun show.. and sadly it's stupidly hard to find good Japanese subs of Yu-Gi-Oh. The only way to get good subs is to torrent them and the place that got the good subs is going through the process of redoing things so I can't access it right now. Instead the only subs that exist are bad, BAD subs that look like someone who learned English as a second languaged subbed them... "my hit points you lowered" type stuff. I would recommend finding the original season 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh.. it's just called "Yu-Gi-Oh" while the show we got it "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters"... the original YuGiOh idea was just games in general, "shadow games" that weren't just cards, but like dice games and strategy and mind-fuckery and stuff. That show wasn't brought here but good subs of that DO exist, so that's neat. Just look for the show where Kaiba has green hair XD;... and yeah.. sadly I enjoy the 4kids dub.. so.. who knows.. you might too ;P

and FMA is good! I'm glad you picked it up. I need to get around to watching the original sometime, but CJ let me borrow her DVDs of Brotherhood so that's what I've slowly been trekking through.. blah  xD end lengthy comment I suppose.. I saw you watched a lot of shorts which is super cool.. if you can find it I'd recommend On Your Mark, which is a Miyazaki short.. but.. yeah.. Love ya :D <3

skitxophrenic Mar 3, 2013

Yeahhhhh... haha xD; I guess that's why every time I point out the Blue Gender movie on Netflix, Nick gets all "NO!!" XD;; the MD Geist guy is really strange. I've watched all the things he like.. directed that he also made himself ('cause he's directed other things, but he didn't make them).. and I don't get why they chose him to make a Blue Gender movie. The guy, Koichi Ohata, can draw and make amazing mechanical designs... if you ever see Gunbuster, which you should, he did a lot of the designs on the ships and mechas in that and for when that was made they look fantastic. But he can't write a story or keep things coherent worth a crap. The worst he's made is Genocyber which was 3 hours of absolute nonsense. Nothing really makes sense, except he really enjoys lots of violence, and that's prevelant through most of what he does.

The Blue Gender director, though -- he has a really impressive lifetime of work and most of it is about war and the like, so he knows what he's doing. I was like you and thought the Blue Gender movie was just getting fan backlash but knowing that the MD Geist guy was behind it... it makes so much sense to me now that I might as well cry XD. I'm still working on making a review website slowly .. I do have the first 4 things I'm going to review in mind, and one of them will be something directed by the Blue Gender guy.. I haven't watched it yet, but I'll be starting it soon so I can work on that XD; so yeah.. woot.. you can be the first person to read them if you wanna.. 

Congrats on finishing DragonBall :D I know the manga is awesome.. I haven't read hardly any, but Nick has almost all the books through that cool manga sale Nobles had that one time so I've thought about picking it up a lot. It really is a great show and series, I love the sense of fun it has, especially the original DragonBall show which I'm slowly working on. I recently bought (or rather, was bought) all of the volumes of a manga called Sugar Sugar Rune, which I'm probably going to be reading soon. It's a magical girl series but the author is 1) Married to the man who made Evangelion .. not that that means anything but it's just cool xD and 2) Writes a lot of other adult, almost feminist-ish stuff so I wanted to give it a shot. That and the art is super cute and I like magical girl witches so woo xD 

Oh, guess what? We bought a region-free DVD player.. so I can buy DVDs from the UK and Australia and such.. so.. >.> Nick bought the only Yu-Gi-Oh dvd that has the Japanese dub on it from the UK (which is the movie I recently watched if you look on my feed).. and he also bought me Sherlock Hound XD which was put out here but is so rare that we just bought the UK edition.. which is super fun :D so.. yeah.. either I've gotten to a whole new level of collecting or I'm just a loser >_> but yeah. Nick is ordering a bunch of UK only movies also, like banned stuff and the like. Sooo... yeahhh... whatcha gunna read now that you've finished DragonBall :D?