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Hello world of Anime-Planet!

I am known as Alex-chan! From what you can tell of my list is I never discriminate against anime. I watch any series that comes my way, eventually, and I watch it all the way through to the best of my ability. I was taught a long time ago, how can you really judge something if you haven't experienced for yourself?

I love anime, manga, video games, cooking, arts and crafts, hiking, Roleplaying Games [as in D&D, Pathfinder, etc.], writing, academics, motherhood, etc. I am pretty random and adventurous, open-minded and crazy. If any of this appeals to you please send me a message or comment on my profile ^_^

In the near future I plan on creating a website for Anime&Manga reviews, along with Games, Novels, Cooking Tips, etc. Hopefully everyone will take a look and enjoy learning about me...I hope to learn about all of you too!!!

Love and Hugs,

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foxhead556 Jul 6, 2013

Sorry if i sound rude ,but when was the alst time we talked? I cant even remeber when did i add you on the friend :X. But anyways about Shin Chan ,I have no idea whre my friend gets them. The reason why I watched some much was becuase of Tv station during my youth , and my time in Anime Club during HS. As for the newer episodes my friend just brings them on a usb whenever he comes over to chill and we just watch the eps. Sorry I can't be more helpful D:

skitxophrenic Jun 26, 2013

Mars is super wonderful *o* I love it so much<3

And yeah.. there is more Yu-Gi-Oh.. and the manga.. I wanna watch the original series first.. where it wasn't about cards, just weird puzzles and "shadow games." Which is what the original manga was too. The other shows aren't too bad.. one of my dvds from the UK is this Yu-Gi-Oh movie with the protagonists of the first 3 shows (I think the 4th series is actually the worst) all teaming up.. they weren't so bad.. just.. I love Yugi >_> 

skitxophrenic Jun 21, 2013

xD omg.. I think Nick told me about 1 + 2 = Paradise because I don't think it's on my list and if it is he put it there XD .. I'm sorry.. if you ever wanna watch a decent ecchi show you could watch Yamada's First Time XD; that's one of the few I actually like.. but 1 + 2 = Paradise is a scary show indeed.. makes me giggle you watched it though.

I finished Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters today and I'm sorda sad xD I had to give the show 3.5/5 stars, because as a whole the show has a lot of really good arcs but has some of the shittiest filler I've ever seen >.>;;; but.. ;_; the ending made me really sad.. and I'm sad I no longer get to watch it XD

skitxophrenic Jun 18, 2013

Sorry for the late reply.. again.. I've had no internet for a while but now all is well xD I like your style of watching things. For me personally.. I'm really unorganized xD;; but.. I try to watch things relating to a show all at once.

The new Berserk movies.. are pretty good, it's just... there's a lot of CG in them and it's somewhat good and... somewhat not. So far it's all what has already been covered in the original anime (I've watched the first movie now, should update that in my list xD) but they added in things from the manga, like Skull Knight. They got the same dub cast, which is awesome IMO, but -- a fair warning, sometimes it looks a tad bit bizarre and distracting when it shouldn't be. I hear they're going to improve it when they do the next "arc" of films, for which I'm excited.

As for what I said about Vampire Knight being sorda like Fruits Basket.. xD; I know a lot of harem shows have the "all the boys have problems" thing but at least in Fruits Basket and other similar shows the problems were somewhat realistic or even completely realistic in the show's context, especially in Nana. While Vampire Knight's whole drama revolving Kaname drives me insane, the side characters' little dramatic problems feel like they don't matter -- while in Fruits Basket they did. Except for Hiro, little brat. >_>; I especially feel that way about the ice guy in Vampire Knight, I didn't understand his bullshit whiney emo angst about being obsesed with Kaname XD

I've started watching so many things lately X_X Nick has been in a "Let's watch this!! .... and this!! and this!!" mood XD and I'm like "YES LETS DO IT" and then I'm like, five episodes into each show and we don't watch them for a while and then I'm sad.. but I started Pandora Hearts yesterday.. which is super neat and I think you'd really enjoy it, it has an "I betcha Alex-chan would dig this shiz" vibe.. yeah >.> and them I'm almost done finishing House of Five Leaves (it's in it's Japanese name on the site but I can never remember what it's actually called xD) which is wonderful and heartfelt. I'm waiting on my 2nd box of Rose of Versailles to come in the mail.. that show is subbed online via fansubs and now is actually licensed.. the fansubs I had a while but the quality was super old and difficult to see things so the dvd release is worth it.. but if you wanted to watch it it's on this site called Viki to watch.. which is an awesome site.. it has shows from many different countries.. so it has a LOT of Korean dramas and then has anime, primarily by Osamu Tezuka but it also has Brother Dear Brother.. *_*.. and then lotsa other stuff too. I think you can watch like, all of Popeye the Sailor on there XD

anywhoooI loves you <3 :D I saw you finished Key the Metal Idol.. and liked it.. I'm glad yay

skitxophrenic May 29, 2013

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you here -- I've been working and/or not at home much XD; so I haven't had much time to type on my computer, and my phone doesn't let me type a lot without messing up.

My first experience with Vampire Knight was, at a Hastings that was closing down, some (presumably a dad) guy bought this ornate as all fuck Vampire Knight mirror? XD it was weird. I actually sort of liked Yuki, but only because to me it felt like her... problem/dilemma was clear. She liked/loved Zero but Kaname did hold a special place to her. UNLIKE Momo, who --- ...>_> just couldn't make up her mind. Kaname just seems to be obsessed with her to such a degree it freaks me out. I don't love Yuki, but I feel she's better than some female leads in shojo series I guess XD;; like... she seemed more helpful and willing to sacrifice things to help others unlike the typical "I'll sacrifice anyhting for you but I'll cry about it constantly..." type character. She wasn't super special, but she was better than a lot of like... run of the mill characters. I gues she impressed me or didn't really bother me because she did things. She saved her man more times than the man saved her. I guess I enjoy that more than the poor pitiful me person ---  but she isn't a super stand out lead either, like Haruhi from Ouran or the main girl of Skip Beat, etc.

 I liked the teacher/man hunter guy but sadly Shiki was my super least favorite of the side characters XD; we didn't really get why he was there... at all...  he just always popped up with a blank expression on his face.. I have a feeling if I read the manga I might like him though... I liked the blonde guy with straight hair (not the ice user) but Nick and I were biased because he's voiced by the guy who voices Shinji Ikari in the dub XD;; so we sort of.. really like his voice actor so we were amused heavily by him. I feel like the show is, like you said, awkwardly overrated by some anime fans. It's not the worst ever, as I feel it gets some things right, but it also has a lot of awkward over-dramatic problems and does the whole Fruits Basket "all the boys have problems" thing a little too cliche for me XD; ... overall, I enjoyed it, it's passable... but I don't think it's as good as a lot of other shows in the same genre. I'll watch Guilty whenever Nick and I get in a "lets marathon something random" mood -- he was the one who even suggested a bishounen-y show so I was amused XD

We have this show called Virus Buster Surge and I haven't finished it but it's bad XD; Street Fighter II V ... starts okay... then.. does the same thing for the last 15 episodes XD;;; ... Wedding Peach is almost so bad it's good >_> like hilariously stupid... then a lot of OVAs I've watched.. Psychic Force.. Angel Cop.. etc...>.>;;; also.. Dan-Doh the Super Shot is stupid.. it's about a kid in a golf tournament but the fucking golf ball smiles.. >______>;;;Yeah...

And it's okay to like High School of the Dead! I'm surprised you enjoyed it -- I just tried it and didn't really like it. I might go watch it again sometime (it's on my don't watch list, but a lot of things there get moved off eventually) ... It's just one of those shows where "I have nothing against it but I don't really care to see it" shows ... I couldn't get into it. It does look pretty though. And um Nick tried Dance in the Vampire Bund and didn't like it at all xD for the same reasons you seem to give me.

Anywhooo I love you! What've you been watching lately?? I'm almost done with Outlaw Star and recently finished a great show called Brigadoon... which I recommend... and blahhh.. I can't wait till you're here.. I have lotsto show you xD