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about me

one of my fav quotes; 

'-which is better; bleach or naruto?'

'-i've never used naruto. does it get your laundry white?'

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November 13, 2011

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May 22, 2014

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narutofanatix avatar narutofanatix

Nice Avatar!

Dec 9, 2011

You should write something about you

Shiraiyuki avatar Shiraiyuki


Dec 8, 2011

r u kiding!?  your life seems better than mine

5 days a week i go to school, and spent 6 hours there (more or less) , i listen to my "friends" all day long, i catch the bus 4 times a day (30 mins per trip), i spent most of my day pissed <-- short-tempered,

im only happy when im in front of my computer watching anime, or reading manga,reading boooks, listening to music, drawing

my mom doesnt mind me watching anime during the whole day, but my dad thinks im some kinda kid watching japanese cartoons and he also makes fun of the japanes language, which pisses me off

AND, you at least know someone who likes anime, i mean i know a few of my friends who like it, but they're all guys (i actually prefer guys over girls, but being the only girl in there makes me feel kinda weird) and im reallly scared to tell them i like anime!! (aside from my parents, there's only 1 person who knows i like anime)

Shiraiyuki avatar Shiraiyuki


Dec 3, 2011

what bou U? when did u started watching anime??

Shiraiyuki avatar Shiraiyuki


Dec 3, 2011

LOL, i actually started watching anime when i was 6, my first must've been One Piece, i watched t all th way to Alabasta Arc and then it stopped airing, then its Card Captor Sakura, Soni X, Pokemon.... dont remember the rest.... 

and then when i was 10 (5th grade)  i started  Naruto, FMA, and Mermaid Melody on TV, but i still didnt know it was anime

but i only started watching anime online in 2010, i even remeber the date, well almost i remenber the 3rd ep. of Angel Beats had recently aired so, it was.....

accordng to Animeultima.tv between April 12,2010 and April 24, 2010

Shiraiyuki avatar Shiraiyuki


Nov 19, 2011

yeah when i found this site i was really happy, but my first reaction was like '' WTF!!! this exists!!!!!! yayayayaya!''

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