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Who am I?: I am @fkeroge, a Chemical Engineering student from the Philippines. If you’re asking about my age, I am in my late teens. I am an author at Ambivalence, or is it Ambiguity?.

You can also find me on twitter and Google+.

What kind of person are you?: I like to think that I’m just like everybody else, with his own tastes and preferences. I have nothing against anything or anybody and I rarely get angry, but I am easily annoyed. I can be pretty stupid at times, especially when it comes to controlling my excitement. I am easily entertained yet also easily bored.

I like philosophy, psychology and basically anything that has something to do with human behavior. When I read posts from other blogs, I can’t help but to use their posts as references for me to make a background of the author’s online persona.

What kinds of anime do you like?: I am a fan of anything interesting. I like anime that entertain me and dislike those that don’t. Because of that, my tastes are pretty mainstream in nature, save a few exceptions.

What are the particular things that you look for in an anime?: Well, I admit that I do have a weakness for drama in my anime, and that has both helped me find my favorite anime and anime that I disliked, so I guess that if an anime looks like a good drama, I’ll definitely check it out.

Like I said earlier, I like psychology and philosophy. Of course, I would want to watch anime dealing with these concepts in depth, as long as they’re entertaining enough.

But I guess my biggest weakness would be yuri. Those of you who have known me for a while would agree. If a show has yuri potential, I will always try to watch it, for better or worse.

Why did you start to watch anime in the first place?: Read this.

What are your standards when it comes to rating your anime?: I only have a single standard for rating anime, and that is its entertainment value. 

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