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about me

update: just finished zero no tsukaima

to watch list (prolly not in that order):



true tears

basically, anything ive taken the effort to convert to mp4 and put on my ipod -.-;;

which means they basically had to have come in avi

augh, i hate that avi/mkv/mp4 converting craps

why cant they all just use one standard...

well, it would make my life easier...


i also hate it when a series ends

cause i feel kinda sad and melancholic...

currently listening to:

last regrets - kanon

tori no uta - air

tabi no tochuu - spice and wolf

(those top three are all really mellow, slow-ish songs... o_O)

and, of course, my personal favorite...

god knows - haruhi

yay! xD

its probably hit 200 times played on my ipod by now... -.-;;

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