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I suppose the most important thing one should know about me is that I have relatively diverse tastes, wether it comes to activities, music, food, etc i have a pretty open palate

I have a love for rock-climbing, luna sticking, downhill skiing, surfboarding, parkour, biking, running, weight lifting, computers, games both video and table top (palladium fantasy being my favorit rifts the close second), photography, reading, and obviously anime

I basically like all genres anime; some would probably say i watch too much but who can turn down a good series

well thats all for now

hope to hear from ya

<( '-' )> <('-'<) (>'-')> <( '-' )> <('-'<) (>'-')> <( '-' )>

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sothis says...

Bokurano is AWESOME.

Sep 14, 2007
OneiChan says...

Your number 5 is my number 4 ~_^ 

I haven't seen Please Teacher... is it super ecchi or is it just romance, or what?  

Jul 30, 2007
OneiChan says...

Hi there. I saw you were a new user and thought it would be nice to welcome you aboard. I looked through your watched anime. Looks like you enjoy love stories. I'd be interested in seeing your top 5, as I am just starting to get into "lovey" type series! Ill check back later for a bio, let us know more about yourself ^_^ 

Jul 17, 2007