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BlackRozeOtaku Jan 4, 2010

no soryy i havent read it...ive only heard of be truthful i hardly ever read yaoi.the only time i evr did read it i dint know it was yaoi until i got till the middle of the novel....gomenasai!!!!

BlackRozeOtaku Jan 1, 2010

well i really like rozen maiden and the higurashi series.also the highschool debut(i like shoujo alot ofr some reason-_-) and many more.u?

BlackRozeOtaku Jan 1, 2010


BlackRozeOtaku Dec 31, 2009

HMM some good manga*not really good on this particular gerne sorry!*...... well sice u like shounen-ai then i suggest Antique Bakery,Lovesless,Ghost!,FAKE, and Demon Diary.I got these titles based on some of my opions and others u should check those out.again sorry if i didnt help alot....still if u need help with anything else dont hesitate to ask(=

BlackRozeOtaku Dec 31, 2009

Hi! Welcome to A-P!Just decided to drop by and leave u ur first comment!Im new myself*1 1/2 dats old!* but i hope we can discuss anime and become friends