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about me

  • I'm the single (divorced) father of three boys, all of whom are getting anime in massive regular doses.
  • I'm an historian and I teach history most of the year -- but I keep in shape. Certainly, I'm in better physical condition than your average anime fan. I used to get my exercise in a fitness center, but I couldn't stand the steroid junkies and anorectics that haunted the place. Now, I hike and climb, and in general keep moving.
  • I generally like to think of myself as a versatile person, with a multitude of interests and skills. I speak many languages, to varying degrees of skill -- at least 7 or 8 of them well enough to call it reasonably useful. And yes, Japanese is one of them.
  • I've travelled all over the world, and I've lost count of the number of countries I've visited (including those that no longer exist). But, for some reason, I've never been south of the Equator.
  • I tend to get into trouble, for no better reason than that I am in the wrong place at the wrong time, through no fault of my own. Among other things, I've been shot at; attacked with knives (twice); and attacked by a man dressed in a gorilla suit, on top of the Empire State Building (yes, I know, that sounds like a yarn, but it's the truth). I've also narrowly avoided being blown to bits by a terrorist bomb, in San Sebastian, Spain. If I'd crossed the street in front of my hotel three minutes later, you'd not be reading this.
  • I started watching anime as a child, living in Hong Kong. My first experiences were with classics like Kimba the White Lion and Mazinger Z. That was almost 40 years ago. Over the years, I've seen a great deal of anime, much more than you'll find listed anywhere.
  • I'm a (lapsed) part of the staff at another major anime site, Anime News Network. I use the same username over there -- don't be afraid to drop by and say "hi". Any rumours that you may hear are wildly exaggerated. I've never actually eaten any new users. Not that anyone could prove, anyway.
  • I do not suffer fools gladly. But then again, who does? Do you? I'll bet you don't.

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Patricksama avatar Patricksama


Jul 8, 2009

Hey where are you watching Power Puff Girls Z from?

youkais avatar youkais

You Rock!

Jul 25, 2008

I have just read about you (that you wrote about yourself).

I was looking on the "otaku" members list and... your name caught my attention.

Anyway, your life really seems interesting!

Take care and sorry my english. 

Sheex avatar Sheex

You Rock!

Apr 10, 2008

I just realized that I've never actually left you a comment.  Go figure.

Anyway, a six-month-plus belated hello. =P

Sletne avatar Sletne


Feb 19, 2008

Yo !

Just read thrue most of your recomendations, must say that you get my atention to the series you have recomended.

Just wanted to drop by and say that and Hello =) 

kmull avatar kmull

Thanks! ^_^

Feb 2, 2008

Good to know my critical thinking/writing skills are still intact. Thanks.

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