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Angel's Egg

Dec 5, 2009

Angels Egg is the most beautiful and profound anime I've ever seen. It may seem random and confusing to some viewers, but it contains a very powerful message. From the reviews I've read it seems Mamoru Oshii gets most of the credit. But there is a certain charm and "warmth" to this film that is only possible due to the style of co-creator Yoshitaka Amano. Although there is little dialogue, the atmosphere and pace of the story carry it along wonderfully. Though, there will be many viewers who see the movie as "slow" due to the lack of "action". Everything in this film works together in harmony. It is a very haunting film - one of the few animes that I have seen multiple times and will see again in the future.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Purity Dec 5, 2009

I dunno if I'd say 10/10... I'm an anime fan and a surrealist fan so I might be a little jaded... Amano's style is very interesting to me and this had a lot going on visually which was nice but it could have had more going for it. For what it is, it's solid but there are more interesting surrealist films that don't have the capabilities that anime provides... Or maybe because they have reality to their advantage the images hit harder... Like the dead goat fetus parade in Holy Mountain just wouldn't have the same effect animated. Whereas if you could make a giant eye world with statues covering it from all directions floating around as a good-looking movie prop or CGI perhaps it might be a lot more insteresting... Instead we get a giant floating head of Janus in Zardoz... Which was still pretty whacked out.