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Unit28 says...

That explanation with Angel Beats doesn't meet up with the real anime :P It is a deep anime with many feelings it makes you moved really.. its not like seikon no qwaser at all, its a huge success! :[ well your choice :( ur gonna miss an adventure..

Jan 4, 2011
abi666 says...

Hello, I won't watch they because I don't like for sure.

I've red all Hellsing manga, and I didn't like it. Flat characters, super flat enemies' personalities, weak and banal plot, no twists, no suspance... no, thanks! I throwed away too much time(and money) in reading the manga, I don't want to throw away other time in watching the anime version.

Angel Beats: it's one of those anime I hate: banal plot, stupid battles, inapt moe... WTF! In every season there's at least one of these thug animes: Seikon no Qwaser, Angel Beats, 11 Eyes... for me they're only crap :P

Dec 27, 2010
Unit28 says...

Why did you put Angel Beats and Hellsing on Wont watch? They are miracles!

Dec 26, 2010