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kagome339 Jul 21, 2012

thank you... and sorry it took so long to reply, i started to work, so i didnt have much time :), but i read the first 5 chapters of hungry heart, (actually thats all i have access to), and i really want to read the rest, do you know a site that has all the chapter's?

kagome339 Jun 4, 2012

the thing is i can't find a site to read the manga.. all the ones iv'e looked at so far just have some information about it... and another reason i want to watch it so bad is cuz i loved the story plot, for some reason i happen to be hooked on sports anime's and manga, so when i found this one I HAD to read or see it, but iv'e been having so much trouble finding a site with the episode's. Though i know the anime only had 2 seasons with 13 episodes per season, which is 26 episodes, i really want to watch them. so far i found one site that has the first 3 episodes thanks to a friend on here but now i REALLY want to see the rest, ESPECIALLY since i cant find a manga site the HAS Play Ball... TwT ohhh the sadness... :`(

kagome339 May 26, 2012

TwT so sad, but i wont give up hope X) thank you so mush for telling me you were a big help XD

kagome339 May 24, 2012

im sorry but do you think you could tell me how you watched Play Ball? Iv'e been searching and searching for a site to watch it on but i cant find one. Do you think you could tell me if you remember?