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The well I'm playing the demo shown faith all I'll go to jail for you really mean up folia rape well go to jail because I mention and that’s it Army National today yes will attend the tribunal to argue his case I want to take me to jail from to drop you log  leading are live on ride home on  me the morning someone having services can help Ultima online eating you less will be a pica in Sand well council’s head of parking care if you like the dish people are very good and the like to abide by the rules and is only small minority that doesn't compile and they are thrones we really need to educate bob dole air today I'll call me a line because of me telling the truth of always tell me  tell the truth nobody can at the moment the  now of course we have people not entirely which is full but that may play on both sides we treat everybody equally the motorists must gather their own evidence to prove their case against the council to picking photographs of a helpful people just really need say what happened on the G faces a lengthy whether that fits within the law not on the June a month away percent on the  you like the council had brought along the civil enforcement officer who issued less with the ticket a salad you issue the panel's charged why would you like to tell us why yes you did the car was parked in single line hi sweetie pay and I can't see nape pack sheet is it she didn't read the group okay well I'll do it in a minute I’ll give you full chance to deal with that in a moment but said.

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