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i LOVE anime. it all started with vampire hunter d: bloodlust and princess mononoke a few years back and i've been hooked ever since. since i stumbled across anime-planet, my watched list keeps getting longer.

fav opening songs: alones by aqua timez (bleach season 6), rolling star by yui (bleach season 5)

fav closing songs: tsumasaki by ore ska band (bleach season 6), hanabi by ikim ono-gakari (bleach season 4)

since i don't feel accurately represented by my 'top 5' here's my top 25 in no particular order:


Naruto Shippuuden



Ninja Scroll: The Series

Rurouni Kenshin

Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal

Samurai 7

Peace Maker Kurogane

Samurai Deeper Kyo


Fullmetal Alchemist

Vampire Princess Miyu TV

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Twelve Kingdoms, The

Princess Mononoke

Howl's Moving Castle

Spirited Away


Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play


Saiunkoku Monogatari

Fruits Basket

Ouran High School Host Club

Good Witch of the West - Astraea Testament

Lovely Complex

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TheRegretful777 Jul 20, 2015

Hello there, Sorry to bother you but do you know any really good animes to watch that have a well done story but is also a romance battle Harlem type of thing? XD

Something like Special A and Diabolik lovers combined!

That would be a lot of help! Thank you for your time and it's okay if you don't know. :)

rossion Oct 31, 2008

yo thanks same for yours good list and some are on my want to watch list

kenshina Jul 9, 2008


I see, I should probably watch it then.  The actions must be great o_o.  So then, I will check on later on.  Not right now but sooner enough.

Yes, Toki wo Kakeru Shouj is in my favs.  It's a movie, pretty interesting.  I like simple and short stuff.  That is why sometimes, I prefer movie (anime) rather then episodes.  People want it longer when the anime is good, but I don't like that.  Manga, for why I like, is better (most of the time) simply because it has a story and an ending

Perhaps you are right.  i am pretty tough on rating the anime  ^^

I don't have one in perticular that I totakky loved.  I really apreciated, and felt lots of admiration, however.. I do Not believe in perfect art.  If there is one perfect creation, it got to be us and the world. 

Well, okay to say it none philosopphically (>_<"), ... o_O I just think... it needs good message in anime in order to be a great anime.  I mean what the anime is about to tell you.   Okay here I go again.  philosophy~~ =_="

Nyah~~~  Too much.  Well then, see u.

kenshina Jul 8, 2008

^_^ Such a pretty avatar!

The white haired guy from D.Gay Man~

I read few chapters of it, and it is great.  o_O I like the guy with black hair (long, looks like a woman), and that red hair guy (the hyper one).

MELINDA Apr 14, 2008

I tried to list the Kenshin series on my profile.  Did I select the correct one?