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Herrow :3, my name is Aaron. Besides the fact that I love love anime, I'm a game developer in the making, I do art, and I make anime guitar covers on youtube. :) Feel free to talk to me ^.^ nice to meet yall ~

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4 Most Favorite Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Steins;Gate, Attack on Titan, and ToraDora!. (my top 10 anime are on my "Lists" tab)


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Peaches Jun 21, 2012

Wow thats Amazing!! your really good!! Hahaha Yea I am but I dont usually I mainly model i enjoy that way more  xD 

Peaches Jun 20, 2012

Really thats amazing I love trust its one of my favorits songs <3 I agree I think I have one friend whos a girl that likes this genre My other friends are mostly into pop 

TsukikoSuta Jun 20, 2012

Thank you. c: And your skills are epic! :D

Peaches Jun 19, 2012

I listen to some 80s rock :) like metallica and  AC/DC Megadeth and areosmith 

KaylaOx Jun 19, 2012

:O I didnt even knoww that, thankss dudee, lool i feel special now ! & i gave up 4years ago because of school work and that. && i aint heard of that song but ill be sure to check it out :) and yeah i have death note is one of them animes that i can watch over and over again. Yeah elfren lied, i kinda cried when the dad walked awat with her daughter and they blew her up, i was soo upset like rahh ;/. Oh and i watch all my animes with sub, japanese people can do things with there voice that i find so unique plus im learning the laguage as well, so listning in subs should help me. && oh where you going? :D