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Konnichiwa ^.^ !!! My name is Aaron Metallion. Im a brown guy from Goa, who grew up in the Middle East and lives in Canada xD. I only started watching anime in 2012, but I'm completly hooked on it. anime, games and music make me who I am. I'm a video game developer and I make youtube videos :).


1-Action/Fantasy + Romance

2. Slice of live/drama/romance.

Feel free to recommend. Im open to a lot of anime except Hentai/Ecchi (I don't even consider Hentai to be anime).


1- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

2- Fairy Tail.

3- Steins Gate.

4-Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shetai!

5- Toradora!

6- Naruto. (+Shippuden).

7- Sword Art: Online!

8- Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka!

9- Elfen Lied.


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TsukikoSuta says...

Awe, thank you! I don't like being mean. ^_^

Gomen nasai means I'm sorry in japanese lol and that's awesome! Do you have anything fun planned? :D

Jun 28, 2012
KaylaOx says...

Ahaha, thanks, theres so many other songs i wann post but i cant cause there's not enough space <_> && truee all i need is determination haha. && brotherhood is amazing, im telling you, when you finish the series, tell me what you think ! :Di

Oh how lont you there for?? &&& i hope you're enjoying yourself

Jun 28, 2012
TsukikoSuta says...

Oh, gomen nasai. I say that to any age of people. I will turn 18 in July, I didn't mean to offend you. 

But your background is quite interesting. :)

Jun 27, 2012
KaylaOx says...

Sorry for the late reply ! Ive been really busy and yeah i guess you had determenation (something i lack) =<. I know i find the whole anime emotional tbh.

&& wooow amazing, and yh i know where the Dubai is but i have havent of Kuwait until now. Did you go on a family holiday or something?? Hope you enjoyed yourself

Jun 26, 2012
TsukikoSuta says...

Ooh, I see. Where are you from sir? :) -If you don't mind me asking. 

Jun 25, 2012