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Herrow :3, my name is Aaron. Besides the fact that I love love anime, I'm a game developer in the making, I do art, and I make anime guitar covers on youtube. :) Feel free to talk to me ^.^ nice to meet yall ~

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4 Most Favorite Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Steins;Gate, Attack on Titan, and ToraDora!. (my top 10 anime are on my "Lists" tab)


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EtoileLight Sep 6, 2015

Ohayou!! Watashi wa Light desu but you can call me light-chan =^o^=. Watashi wa Nihon ga daisuki <3 Happy to know theres another fellow friend who takes japanese culture very seriously. I luckily happen to have been brought up on the japanese japanee island called Tashirojima. It's also known as the cat island. I have never met my birth parents but I have reason to believe my parents were neko gods who left me to bridge the gap between humans and cats. I've built my own house from bamboo found on the island and ive managed to develop a farm from using manure that was controbuted by fellow nekos and mylse. :3 I grow my own japanese food and I would like to one day to share my products with the world. Hopefully one day the world will acknowledge me as their neko-hime and have a statue made in my honor. :3 for now meow~ Let's be friends

siriussilly Sep 17, 2014

Why thank you! I return the High-Five for Brotherhood. I don't think any other show will ever top it. I like the rest of your Top-10 list; been meaning to give Steins;Gate a try for a while!!

TsukikoSuta Sep 10, 2014

I know! Very clean cut lol Thank you! I hope you are doing good as well. You're art is really nice and so is your music! ^_^ I rarely get on fb now since I've been busy lately and I find it kind of boring. 

TsukikoSuta Aug 14, 2014

Hi! I've been okay. How about you? I'm sorry I haven't been on lately either. ^^;