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Herrow :3, my name is Aaron. Besides the fact that I love love anime, I'm a game developer in the making, I do art, and I make anime guitar covers on youtube. :) Feel free to talk to me ^.^ nice to meet yall ~

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4 Most Favorite Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Steins;Gate, Attack on Titan, and ToraDora!. (my top 10 anime are on my "Lists" tab)


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Aerythrin Nov 3, 2016

Helloes! ( ・ω・)ノ No problem at all. I like making new friends. ^_^

Awww... thank you. It's really nice to hear that at least someone takes the time to look at them. I feel like mostly they are for personal reference because people don't really tend to look. But I don't mind. It's a pursuit of love. ^_^

I hope you can find something you like! :D So, do you have a particular favourite anime?

Aerythrin Oct 24, 2016

Hello! Thank you for following and nice to meet you.

I'm now following you back. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. ^_^

KonaIzumi Sep 25, 2016

OHMAIGAH!! :P Hahaha ~

So, hi I guess! ^^)/

HasegawaTadayoshi Aug 21, 2016

Ai. That Rem poem is love and live. :P

tollie01 Feb 2, 2016

Thanks for the comment on the review.

I'm to lazy to look it up but this series is actually the second season with, I believe, 2 more seasons following of Familiar of Zero.

What usually pisses me off about anime such as this is that they never let the characters progres to the next level in their relationship. Every time they do it immediately gets retconned at the end of the episode or, in this case, season. In this case they didn't have to do it and had the perfect opportunity to take it in a new direction.

Remember that they had the flowers which would tell the other that their significant other was alive and well. By this time Louise was back at the academy and Saito was deep in enemy territory.

I would liked to have them stay there, aware that the other was alive. The third season would be them separated and trying to get back together. Saito in enemy territory trying to evade capture and learning to know the people he's fighting as the second season showed them being as much a victim as everyone else in this war.

Louise would struggle with her duties as a noble, as established in this season, and her desire to find Saito.

We would have been able to switch between the 2 story lines, getiing introduced to new characters and get some much needed back story about the war and the people fighting it.