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Premise: my english is bad so I hope that what I write can be understandable for the most of you...

So let's try to write some stuff, if anyone should bother reading it. My name is Alessandro, I'm a 3n old male and I live in Italy in a town near Venice. I decided to sign up here to keep track of what I watch and to read some good reviews.

My love for anime, well... all started in 1978 when the first anime was aired in Italy, it was Ufo Robot Grendizer (aka Goldrake in Italy). At that time the only cartoons aired on TV was some Hanna-Barbera classics and similar, so I remember that when I first watched Grendizer on my b&w TV I was not sure if it was real as a telefilm or fiction as a cartoon. It was soo different from american cartoons and more similar to reality, so I felt confused, I had never seen something like that before, but one thing was sure: it was GREEEAT!!! When after some episode I knew that was a japanese anime I realized what would be my favorite TV genre forever, much better than most movies and TV series, and, after more than 30 years (sigh...) nothing has changed. Since then I've watched more anime than you can find in my watched list (i haven't found some old anime that I watched in the 80s) and I'm very happy to see that, after the parentheses of the late 90s when anime imho had lost a little of creativity, in recent years they have had an increase in quality of the stories and the animation, despite the fact that by now most of anime hardly avoid the consolidated canons and cliches.

Mmm... this can be enough (if you've read since here you'd deserve a prize ^__^).

Feel free to comment, suggest, recommend, write, etc, etc...

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chocolino Jan 26, 2011

Can you help me and tell me were did you get theUFO Robo Grendizer episodes ?


My email is [email protected]



kenaniah Jul 6, 2010

For having bad English, your bio was well written. I understood everything with very little difficulty.