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Ello there, you can just call me aLX. I guess I knew I was going to be an otaku when I was a little spastic girl that was obsessed with Pokemon, Speed Racer and Sailor Moon. I am a rabid fangirl BUT I know how to control myself...sometimes >:] Seriously you can ask me of my giant list of anime guys I've fangirled over the years and I'd be happy to tell you. Currently I am obsessed with Yu-gi-oh!, YGOTAS, Gurren Lagann and Nabari No Ou. The anime hottie I am currently fangirling over is Marik Ishtar from Yu-gi-oh! (coughlookatusernamecough) My dream is to create manga for a living. I have the first chapter for my manga idea on my fictionpress account (EnigmaticNinja) So if you wanna check it out and leave feedback feel free (lulz at shameless plug =3) I also love going to concerts, writing, raves and being obnoxious in public (especially when I can quote YGOTAS which I do daily) Well that's all I can think of for now. Good day to you all.

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Nacora Jul 14, 2011

hi!! I just saw your avatar and it liked me ^^

you're really interesting!! I understand you about all of the fangirl stuff, hahah it happens me too :P but it can't be helped!! hahah

I never have seen Yu-Gi-Oh, but it looks that you like it too much! So I imagine that the guy of your avatar image is from that series? if it, it's really cool!! :D

Well, don't know what more to say so... nice to meet you! ^^

larimix Sep 5, 2010

I would still like to try to stay friends and hang out, it is just now it will probably be more far between.

But yes, the next time Drek does a show, I will try my damndest to be there.

larimix Sep 5, 2010

I am free....No days next week, School time always breaks me and my friends up. Since college started I hang out with people a bit then college starts and we drift apart till the next summer. Also the job thing  helps fill up free spots in my schedule X_X

Yes, beat up anything you see in the game and you should win.....Damn fun game.

larimix Sep 5, 2010

Yeah sure sounds good to me, I have to go to work right now so send me a message and I will get back to it when I am out.

But pretty much in NMH you kick the ever living shit out of anyone in a room with you. A bunch of just hack and slash fun, but a whole shitload of it with a bunch of fun ways to go along with it.

graafnacula Sep 5, 2010

Hahha school ain't that bad only homework and the lessons;) the rest is nice, meet people etc.