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Im 18, from USA- Minnesota. Not much to say, i have loved anime sense i was a small kid. Atm im obbsessing over IS- Infinite Stratos. i want a SEason 2 so bad. ask me anything u wanna know.

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TheAngelofDeath Nov 25, 2011

Whooa! Welcome to Anime Planet!

"ask me anything u wanna know." is what you said so I'm gonna ask.

Ever seen or watched Clannad or seen Angel Beats? They are REALLY amazing anime and have incredible storylines, plots, and character developments. If you havn't watched them already you should give it a try!

Btw IS was a great Anime I loved it too! You should check out the rating system on my profile for a better perspective of how I view the Anime which I rate. I'm gonna go ahead and add you, if thats alright with you of course hahah!

Cya later!

--Stay Golden