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Im a pretty ordinary guy... Not an otaku, not an obsessive whiny kid, and not an arrogant anime snob-type jerk. I grew up watching largely action, horror, and some mecha anime. I basically like stories with mature plots and a decent amount of substance. Cooking-harem anime with no real direction or story telling and a weak hero will always find its way to the low ranking scale on my reviews. Also I hate when anime's drag on into infinity *glares begrudgingly at Naruto, DBZ, Bleach, etc...* in order to make money at the cost of effective and exciting story writing. I stole my rating system from ZeroOP who, despite his unique taste in anime, is some kind of a genius.  I like historical anime (samurai's, ninja's, and all that jazz), mecha, HORROR, comedy, deep engrossing storylines, dark anime.... Oh and nerdy girls... Like IRL... Always been a weak spot of mine ;)

I have a very specific rating system:

5 - Amazing anime, a league of it's own in my mind.

4.5 - Awesome entertainment. Slacked on the finish, missing a bit of gloss.

4 - Very Good entertainment. Maybe a bit generic but solid revision.

3.5 - Good entertainment. Not sorry I watched it, slightly above adverage.

3 - OK Entertainment. Meh...

2.5 - Mediocre at best. I may make it through half a series and start to notice the growing hate.

2 - Okay, what is this? Great trailer, decent characters, but the story is so weak and full of holes the Mario Bros wouldnt jump across it.

1.5 - Bad, insulting, and I think the author knew it before they released this trash.

1 - Very bad, when this hit shelves babies everywhere got punched.

0.5 - Horrendous, how did this get produced? I could draw up more excitement from a flaming bag of s***. Honestly? If the anime maker wants to send us viewers an f-you they could atleast save the additional punishment of having to watch this awful awful creation. *commits seppuku*


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