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Anime reviews -- The beginning


The blog marks the first of many I plan to do in which I review all of the different anime I have watched. Please note: Even though I intend to do many of these this may be both the first and the last seeing as I am both very busy and very forgetful. I'll try my best to add more though. There should be no particular order in the reviews, and note that not all the anime I have watched have been great; a lot of them have, but a lot have also been absolutely terrible, and I am going to talk about those too.





To start off we have Toradora. Toradora is produced by J.C. Staff, which tends to produce other good anime. If you've read my bio you will see that this is listed among my favorite anime ever, because it is. Toradora is that perfect mix of light hearted comedy and drama, with enough drama that it leaves you with an actual plot. The first part of the show is more heavy on the lighter stuff, while the latter has more intense drama. On the aesthetic side of things, the art style was very good, very nicely animated. The music used in the OP's and ED's was also good. Stuff like that really adds to the value of the show. On a deeper level, the characters were very unique, albeit in a more subtle way. There is the tsudere loli, the nice guy, the happy-go-lucky friend, the bishoujo, and the nerdy guy, amoung the main characters. These archetypes are not uncommon in many anime, but the special thing about Toradora is that you can't take them at face value. The way the characters' emotions are depicted is almost satiracle of these common sterotypes. Take Minori, for example. She is the trademark smiley, upbeat character; yet as shown in a few select episode, that demenor is merely a facade that she uses to mask the sad and emotion feeling that are inside her. This deep depiction of the characters combined with flawless animation and plot make Toradora the fantastic anime that it is. I would really recommend this to anybody, as it has element that I think anybody with half a brain would enjoy. This being said, people who might not fall under this criteria for recommendation probably include narutards and mecha fans.

Also, did I mention that Taiga is really cute?



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    Kari5 avatar Kari5
    May 5, 2011

    You should be putting reviews in the review section ;) That way people can see your review in the Reviews tab on an anime's page.

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