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Top Anime Endings


~Top Anime Endings~

Number 1:-Zombie Loan

Number 2:- Kamisama no Memo-chou

Number 3:- 11 Eyes

Number 4:- Maria Holic

Number 5:- Highschool DxD

Number 6:- C: The money of soul and possibility control

Number 7:- Hidan no Aria

Number 8:- kaichou wa maid-sama! 

Number 9:- Accel World

Number 10:- Death Note


Special Mentions:-  Kaze No Stigma

Not Quite enough to make the top 10 but worthy of this spot

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DeathlyForce avatar DeathlyForce
May 1, 2012

It has been a while when I heard the HOTD ED... :)  Oh, it seems your K-ON ED doesn't work anymore.

infinityplusone avatar infinityplusone
Feb 19, 2012

Cool list :) Gundam Seed's ending is awesome!

DeathlyForce avatar DeathlyForce
Feb 19, 2012

So you finally finished your list...

Well, it certainly is an awesome list, Zound. :)

The endings of HOTD, Hidan no Aria, K-on and C were definitely good.

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