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Top Anime Openings

19 AUG

~Top Anime Openings~

Number 1:- Darker than black ~ Howling

Number 2:- Kore wa Zombie desu ka ~ Ma・Ka・Se・Te Tonight

Number 3:- Chrome Shelled Regios ~ Brave your truth

Number 4:- To Aru Majutsu no Index ~ PSI Missing

Number 5:- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai ~ Naraku no Hana

Number 6:-  Guilty Crown 2nd Opening

Number 7:- Ao No Exorcist

Number 8:- Tasogare Otome X Amnesia

Number 9:- Binbougami Ga

Number 10:- Accel World

Number 17 Special Mentions: Ever17 Visual Novel Opening ~ LeMU ~The Distant Continent of Lemuria~

Angel Beats - Howling (must watch)


DeathlyForce avatar DeathlyForce
May 1, 2012

GC definitely have some great music. The second OP is also in my top 10. :)

Dario97 avatar Dario97
Mar 10, 2012

Very nice list. I think that Howling surely is the most coolest opening :D But also second opening from Death Note and some openings from Gintama are also badass :D

infinityplusone avatar infinityplusone
Feb 22, 2012

Howling is one of my favourite anime OP's. It's #4 on my most played list. Highschool of the Dead and Steins;Gate op's are pretty cool too.

Your list reminds me I still need to watch Kore wa zombie and To aru majutsu no index.

DeathlyForce avatar DeathlyForce
Aug 22, 2011

Nice list you've got here. :)

Suprisingly, it seems we like mostly the OP's of the same anime, however it's mostly also the different one :P Maby I should also check out Darker Then Black and Tsubasa Chronicle some time...

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