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First ep is out and fansubbed. Gave it an honest shot and I was actually surprised on a few counts. The ecchi harem motif and school life setting don't do a whole lot for me these days, but I found myself actually enjoying the show. Dialogue is a little clunky in some places since they're trying to insert back story and setting using character dialogue instead of narration. As a result you get a lot of phrases that begin "as you all know." It's not the best way, but it's one of the ways.

Stereotypes abound in the first ep, but we'll see if it's just a character foundation to be built upon or if the characters really are just 2d rehashes. Music was lame. Mecha design looked alright. It reminds me a lot of the Macross Frontier EV pilot suits if they had been bulked up with gundam/armored core spare parts. It's a solid first episode, though, and I'll give it another shot on the next one.

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